Reason #2,135 – Revisited

Do you remember back in May when this happened with “Brenda” at work?

If not, it’s really worth clicking here and reading the recap – it’s short.

Done? Okay.

Well friends, it gets worse. Yes, worse.

Fast forward 3 months to just this morning.

Same office. Same woman.

Scene: In the office kitchen getting water. “Brenda” is in the kitchen.

Me: (getting water)
Me: (feel someone rubbing my belly!!!!)
B: “Oh, are Congratulations in order??” (as she continues to rub my non-pregnant belly!)

– pause to regain control of shocked (and now disgusted) self –
Me: “No, thanks. I got this shirt in the misses department. It’s not maternity.”
B: “Oh, I just didn’t know if it was *that time* again”
Me: “No, and it won’t be *that time* again for a long time” (as I walk out of the kitchen)

Again, what is WITH some people?! She has GOT to be kidding me. She was TOUCHING me and rubbing my belly. You know, the belly with NO baby inside of it!

Thinking back, there are so many things I should have said. Such as….

“Oh no congrats are due to me, but I see you are heartily expecting! Twins? Triplets?”

But I try to remain a little more classy than that. Usually. Most of the time.

That’s why I took a few hours to calm down before posting. See? I play nice. Usually. Most of the time.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Referencing the new vocab we discussed earlier, she is pure “WT”! lol


  2. HAHAHAHA If you would have said the twin/triplets thing that would have been hilarious!!!!! hahahahaha!!!!

    BTW – thats one of my fav shirts of yours!!! you dont look the least bit pregnant!!

    some people are just plain RUDE!

  3. I’m so glad you decided to blog this! I was cracking up when you told me. That ‘woman’ (term used loosely) is the nastiest thing ever and has NO room to be talking about ANYONE.

    See- I don’t always play nice 😉

    And…that shirt is very flattering on you in a non-preggo way! :)

  4. I vote for the triplet comment next time!

  5. I would have said,” No, I am a camel, storing my water in my belly. Thanks for asking (as I spit the water as a camel would do.)” Problem solved. Lesson learned.

  6. WOW-I must find “Brenda” real name…I am sure it will make the story that much more amusing!

    WTF eva…some people are just jerks.


    PS~I too play too nice too many times!

  7. I won’t play nice this time when people are mean to me….so, I would have felt like the triplet comment was perfectly in order. Maybe that would have shut her up.

  8. I don’t know how you responded to her without screaming and choking her.
    Oh and you should so go to your boss or hers and claim she sexually harassed you. I mean she touched you without asking!! grrrr
    And it would be so funny to buy a congratulations your expecting kind of card, send it around the office for signatures, and then put it in her mailbox. :)

  9. Holy crap!! Are you kidding me??

    I think she is WAY lucky that you didn’t haul off and hit her!

    Oh my goodness, I think anything rude you come up with is perfectly in order. And I think I would tell your boss, that if it isn’t too much trouble, you would appreciate it, if “brenda” didn’t rub your belly at work anymore. UGH!

    Stiff drink for you tonight! :)

  10. wtf?!??!

    please tell me you are kidding??

    you totally should have hit her. really. full on smack down in the work kitchen.

    dumb people suck.

    hugs to you.

  11. I don’t know…maybe you should have just been nasty. I mean, it is round number 2 and you KNOW she will never get the fact that she is being socially unacceptible.

    Maybe you should try what men do, and flat out tap her out! HA!

    Seriously! I can’t even believe people sometimes…. UH!

  12. You’re so much nicer than I would have been. Seriously!

  13. Uh. Wow. That is unbelievable. Doesn’t this border on either the “sexual harassment” line (touching the non-preggo belly) or just regular old harassment? Next time follow with that line. Geez.

  14. You: Next time you touch my belly, I’ll have to report you to HR for harassment.

    Ugh. Stay out of the personal space, lady. What is the deal?

  15. How rude!!! I thikn I might have decked her right there.

  16. Naaa I think you should go with the after though comment! I think you look fabulous and non-pregnant!

  17. Holy Cow. I cannot even believe this!

    It’s like something that would be on The Office!

  18. says:

    You must be kidding? AGAIN? This woman cannot live in polite society.

  19. I think I would have lost my sh*t with her! Way out of line!

  20. Oh no. Say it ain’t so. This woman is one serious nutjob. Tell the granny tranny to shut it. :)

  21. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDIN ME?!?! I couldnt beleive she did this last time, but AGAIN?? You were WAY too nice…promise us you will deck her or say the triplets line next time (b/c she obviously doesnt get the hint!)
    The nerve of some people!!

  22. No frigging way!!!! You have got to be kidding!!!!! What the hell is the matter with this woman?
    I think I would have said, “Um, no, I’m not expecting. But the next time you touch me you can be expecting me to report your ass to HR!!!!” AHHHHH!!!!!

  23. What is up with this woman?!?! Too crazy! I would have freaked out!

  24. For real?! She didn’t learn the first time she opened her mouth when it should’ve stayed shut?

    “Brenda” needs to learn to only speak when spoke to.

  25. Anonymous says:

    BAHAHA after the day i had this is just what i needed to read! That sucks! how rude! you should have started running around and screaming “personal bubble” and she would think you were crazy and leave you alone! Love you! and you look FABULOUS!!! MUAH

  26. What a freakin’ RUDE biatch! You NEVER make an assumption someone is preggo..that is just common sense! ANd the fact that she TOUCHED YOUR BELLY?? ACK!! RUB HER BELLY NEXT TIME AND CONTRATULATE her lol

  27. Actually, I *would* report her to HR. She needs a talking-to.


  28. OK I am laughing and stunned but HMMM lets think this thing through.
    OK maybe she is secretly in LOVE with you and it was the only way she could touch you without you knowing her real feelings!!! OOOO OK sorry that was not as funny in words as it was in my head…LOL LOL YOU took the right path! YOU did the right thing….and honestly after all my years of working….I would just IGNORE HER. UNLESS you could kind of go to the Human Resources without everyone knowing your business…but you know how awful those things can be. OK HMM my advice is not so good…hmmm.

  29. I think this falls under some sort of sexual assault issue.
    Rubbing bellies of co-workers?

  30. EEeeewwwwwwwwwww, if that was a guy it would be qualified as sexual harassment!

  31. this is sooo sad!!! I hate that she did that!! it does make for a good blog post, but i would definitely stay away from her:) you were really too kind!

    I would have smacked her!
    I am so sorry!
    You just need to avoid that b*tch at all costs!

  33. oh.. that is awful.. and terribly RUDE… UGH.. I can’t stand it when people I don’t know touch me.. I think I would have swatted her…. You had great restraint!!!

    I think this woman is obsessed with you!!

  34. Oh. My. Gosh. I would have flipped!

  35. Before I got KU I heard that all the time. It was horrible and I’m still wounded from it!

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