13 Crazy Things My Friends Have Said

1. She just needs to be locked away from society. 1-17-08

2. …that would be proving that I’m controlling. And I’m not. I just do everything better! Doesn’t everyone enjoy things done the right way? 11-15-07

3. It’s like you took all the genes with reason. 3-10-08

4. My friends are signing up for match.com. They want me too. I was like…no fool! I hope I didn’t hurt their feelings. I think I’m too young for that and I don’t want my story starting off… “so I met your daddy online”. May if I’m 30 and single I’ll rethink it! 3-24-08

5. Ok so while you were gone I sign into facebook. This same guy…named Mxx Nxxx poked me for like the 3rd time in 5 months! First of all….what is poking…secondly, its not very flattering to see…you’ve been poked by someone you don’t know. So then it says I have a message and its from Mxxx. It says…just saw your profile (liar because he saw it 5 months ago when he first poked me), you seemed interesting…cute pics! GROSSSSS!!!! 4-3-08
6. So then I go to dinner with Mxxxxx on Tuesday. Everything was fine…nothing from the past brought up which is good… just a nice friendly dinner. He then calls me yesterday to do something as well. Well I’m trying to establish the friend relationship so I decide that seeing him 2 days in a row wasn’t prob the best idea so I tell him I had a work happy hour. Every once in a while is fine….i don’t mind….but I need to set boundaries or else he’s going to ask me every single time he’s in town. Which is a couple of days a week. seeing him a couple times a month will be fine…..but I can’t do a couple of times a week. 4-3-08

7. He is fat and happy and making cute little noises right now. Ahh, the sounds of young brilliance. 5-21-08

8. No. No. No. Robots scare me. Except for Roomba. Because I hate to vacuum. 7-25-08

9. #1: What’s odd? The fact that you have a totsite that updates your nonexistent pregnancy for you? Ha Ha
#2: Okay, I had to laugh out loud at that. That makes me sound more crazy than I really am. I like organization is all.
#2: I plan ahead
#1: You obsess ahead

10. Insanity in large numbers just makes me scared, it doesn’t prove that you are normal. 8-13-08

11. Why wouldn’t you want two nice cars? If you have one nice and one not nice, it’s like ordering a filet mignon with grits. 8-22-08

12. He needs my interference in his life more than he knows. The decisions I make on his behalf, behind his back, are for his own self preservation. 9-3-08

13. After 24 years and 10 months of living on this earth…I just noticed one ear is higher than the other! This is indeed a sad day!!! 9-10-08


  1. YES!!!! I’ve been waiting sooo long for this one! Thanks steph! It was everything I hoped for.

  2. I laughed out loud at the filet mignon one! HA! You’ve got some hilarious friends!

  3. LOL you have hilarious friends!

  4. Okay, that is freaking hilarious…and what’s funnier is that you know when they were said.

    I’ve got to see this notebook that you have.

  5. i agree with krystyn – you have the dates of when these things were actually said??

    i don’t know what is funnier – what your friends said or that you have the dates!!

  6. That my friend, was awesome. Thanks for the giggles.

  7. Sounds like you have a FUN group of friends!!! :)

  8. OK so you have the DATES…OOO tooo funny! I think my FAV is the FILET and GRITS!!!

  9. That brought so much entertainment to my day.

  10. #8 and #11 are my favorites. And damn, your friends are funny :)

  11. Isn’t if funny what ONLY friends can get away with? :)

  12. Never, ever give up these friends :)

  13. Now that is some funny stuff!!
    Thanks for the laugh..its been such a serious day watching all this Ike stuff!
    I needed the smile!
    (I’m hoping to finish Twilight and start New Moon this weekend!!)

  14. Holy moly!

  15. Perfect Friday post!!

  16. Very cute post! I love #2 & #7!!
    Happy Friday!

  17. Wanted to check and make sure you are alright. Give us an update as soon as you can :)

  18. Sounds like a great group of friends.
    I love to laugh.
    Thanks for indulging me.
    I can’t believe you wrote all that down and the date they said it.

    I keep checking to see if you have posted since the storm.
    Please oh please let us know that you and your family are okay.
    I will wait with bated breath.

  19. HI just stalked over to CHECK on YOU guys….I hope you are NOT roughing it to BAD and well HONESTLY just wanted to let YOU know my families thoughts and prayers are with YOU guys! Take care and be safe! I wish there was something we could do to HELP you guys other than watch the NEWS and donate to the Red Cross…I mean physically HELP….so just know we are concerned!

  20. Oh being single is funny, but creepy! I challenge Lalo-Cha to pick out which ones are from me :)

  21. Love your blog and your funny words of wisdom! Too great!

  22. Oh LORD! My best guess at Capt. Witty’s comments are {drum roll} #2,#7,#9 & #12….you indeed have some silly friends.

    I can’t keep up with important documents much less the dates my friends say something funny/witty!

    You are obsessed! Luvs ya!

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