A Few of My Favorite Things!

I recently participated in my first ever “Favorite Things Swap” hosted by the lovely Wendi at Because Wendi Said So.
The idea is to send three of more of your favorite things to your swap partner.

My swap partner turned out to be my good friend, Krystyn. Krystyn is a mom to darling Miss Isabelle and has another little one on the way! I’ve known her since high school and we were in drill team together 10 years ago! Wow…that’s a long time!

The pairing of the partners was completely random so I was a little excited to get Krystyn as my partner because we are very different in a lot of ways and I thought that would be fun.

Now, if you know me at all, you know how I love getting packages in the mail. I’m telling you that some of my favorite people are the UPS and FedEx guys! During the holidays, I pretty much know them all by name!

When I saw my box from Krystyn had arrived, I got a tad bit over excited and started ripping into my goodies before snapping a picture – oops!

So in order to give credit for her awesome wrapping job, I put them all back in the box and snapped a few….

These Are A Few of Krystyn’s Favorite Things: And Miss Isabelle sent something for Miss Karys!
Imagine my surprise when I discovered that a few of Krystyn’s favorite things were MY favorite things as well!

She did an amazing job and I was delighted with all my new fun things ~ a “green” Target bag, some yummy chocolates, silky hand lotion, fun notecards and delicious fall scents in the shape of a Febreeze outlet!

And Isabelle won Karys over with a new set of Crayola Crayon’s and a drawing pad! (However, Karys ended up eating the tip of the brown crayon this weekend when I turned my back for literally 2 seconds, so she is not allowed to play with them unless strictly supervised right now).

Thank You Krystyn for such wonderful and amazing gifts!!

And thank you Wendi for hosting such a fun swap! I can’t wait to do it again!


  1. That is such a cute idea! I have never heard of it before, maybe I should try it.

    Hope you guys are doing well :)

  2. yay for your swap!! how crazy that you and krystyn got each other!!

    love all your goodies – especially the target green bag :)

  3. Poor Tim, he has to compete with Edward, James, and the UPS guy too? Good man.

  4. What a neat idea!

  5. How random that you got Krystyn!! That looks like so much fun!! I might have to try this out! I’ve seen a few people do it, and I’m with you…I love getting packages!!

  6. I’m soooo glad you liked everything! I was equally nervous and tried to put a lot of thought into it!!

    I will try to get my pictures up tomorrow. BTW, I’m already on past page 200!!

    Izzy ate some of her brown crayon yesterday WHILE being supervised by both mommy and daddy! Wax must taste really good. Maybe they are on to something?

  7. I wish I would have done this now, looks like so much fun!

  8. How fun is that! Very cool.


  9. What a fun package and how great that you got Krystyn! Love it!

  10. that is such a neat thing to do. it would be fun for rachel and i to swap favorite things…i am sure many of them would be the same, too. but instead of cat treats, i would send her doggie treats! people without kids are kinda crazy about their pets, we know!

  11. love how randomness brings people back together… or together… 6 degress of wendi in full swing here.

  12. Love your package!
    What fun!
    And she remembered Karys..how thoughtful.
    I really didn’t know that you two “knew” each other IRL.
    It was a total random pairing.
    I am glad you had fun with it.
    Thanks again for participating Stephanie!

  13. That is cool, I would like to do this.

  14. Wow very cool I am waiting for my package to arrive. And I will need it this week since it is already off to a lukewarm start!

  15. very fun idea!!! those note cards are super cute!! (and I ate a piece of the chocolate and it was pretty tasty as well)

    and yes – you love getting packages… so much that you get upset if the UPS truck drives by and doesnt stop at your house!!!! You expect to get something everyday!! haha :)

  16. That’s so funny that you know each other! How cool is that?

    This is so much fun. What a bunch of great goodies!

  17. Hi I am Grammy…. and since I adore Wendi and Krystyn I think any friend of theirs must be a really neat person… so I thought I would stop by and say hi.

    Glad that you enjoyed Wendi’s swap. It looks like you and Krystyn both did a great job. How funny that you two got put together and you were old friends….well I guess that it was just meant to be.

    Have fun with your new treasures.

  18. Coolness. That Targhetto logo JUST JUMPED right out at me naturally. Have fun with the loot!

  19. cute. fun, I can’t wait to get mine…
    p.s. crayola crayons are non toxic, my PAT lady said no worries if we ever eat them.. not that it helps..

  20. How sweet! Looks like a fun package of goodies. It was really thoughtful of her tothink of Karys.

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