It’s Almost Fall!

FALL is fast approaching!

And I am gearing up to bust out the pumpkins and the spices!

Hopefully the weather can catch up with me soon!

i love…
football games
decorating for fall
fall weather
fall colors
pumpkin carving contests
pumpkin seeds
fall clothes
wearing hoodies
fall scents/candles (pumpkin spice!)
baking cookies on a chilly day
watching movies under a snuggly blanket
longer nights
going to the pumpkin patch
annual “thanks-for-nothing” dinners
falling leaves
fall shoes
pumpkin spice lattes
thanksgiving holidays
that christmas is just around the corner

and so much more!


  1. I love fall smells…the fact that the stores have cinnamon floating around now. Yum!

    And, I’ve given you an award on my blog.

  2. I love Fall, too, but this year not as much. My mom always said September made her so sad when we went back to school. I can feel it now. Plus, our weather went from summer to fall INSTANTLY and I pray we can get back a few of those “in between” days soon.


  3. Fall rocks.

    The ONLY thing I hate about fall is what follows it. In these here parts.

  4. OH I LOVE Fall too!

    Thanks for the perfect list of why Fall is the BEST. I wore Capri’s today just to feel like it was Fall. :)

  5. see we really are bestest buddies :)

    that’s my perfect list!!

    yay for fall :)

  6. I like fall also.

  7. I love fall too but it always goes to quickly into our long drawn out winters so I am hesitant to start fall every year.
    I do love decorating for fall, football, and halloween though. Very exciting!
    We have had fall weather around here for the past week or two.

  8. Fall is my absolute favorite time of year! I’m so excited to bust out the jackets!

  9. Love, love, love everything on your list too!
    Holy cow…I cant believe how much Karys has grown…she looks like such a big girl now compared to that pics form last fall!!

  10. OMG…I know you wrote stuff, but I can’t get past that adorable picture!

  11. OK I have to ASK!!!! I saw that YOU posted to Stephanie that after twilight that JAMIE is just as EDWARD!!! ARE YOU READING THE OUTLANDER SERIES? I have read them all and I LOVE JAMIE (if that is the series you are reading…if not disregard me)but I LOVE LOVE this series!!!!!!!! IF you are reading them what BOOK are you on?

  12. I agree 100% with all of the above!! well I could go w/o the watching football… but looks like I may have to start learning love it :)

  13. oh yeah – and that picture of Karys… That was my desktop ALL fall last year!! :)

  14. One of my favorite times of the year… so nice here – the days are breezy and comfortable and the nights are just a bit chilly… perfect for sitting on the back porch with a guitar and a nice cup of hot tea or hot choc….

    J/ (

  15. Oh I love that picture! Totally cute! Oh man all those things you listed get me really excited! I can’t wait to buy the candles mostely…I’m not much of a baker!

  16. Cute pic! I wished you lived closer, we’d sooooo get along. I love fall, too!

  17. HEHE, I love so many of the same things. Especially Pumpkin spice candles. I use those year round. I need a holiday for them, haha. And your little one is seriously the cutest pumpkin ever. Can I place an order to have one for my front porch? HAHA

  18. Ooh, I love fall too! Definitely my favorite season!

  19. Ooh, if it’s possible you’ve gotten me EVEN MORE excited about Fall than I already AM!!! I can’t wait!!

    P.S. Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes are OUT already….I had one on Saturday!!!

  20. Ohhh I love fall too and I am so ready for it!
    Love the pumpkin photos. How cute!

  21. Super cute picture :) I LOVE your list!!! Pumpkin spice lattes…yummy!!!
    All of the Halloween costumes are already out near us…but I haven’t seen any cute ones. Have you seen any cute ones?? I’ll let you know if I see any, too :)

  22. HEY just wanted to stop by and say WE are saying lots of prayers for YOU guys OVER in TEXAS! TAKE CARE!
    Remember if you EVAC take JAMIE with YOU!

  23. I love fall!
    Those are some of my favorite things about fall too!
    You just got me in the mood to get in my attic and pull out some fall decor.
    It has been hard to get in the fall mood when the temps are in the 90’s.
    Bring on the crisp, cool air.

  24. And how do I know it is fall?? Leaves changing colors? nope. Time change? nope. B/c I start getting crazy Christmas countdown emails from you!

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