Name That Baby

Okay friends, I need your help.

My good friend Holly at AnglophileFootballFanatic is having a contest to name her new baby niece. My suggestion was chosen as one of the 5 finalists!

But unfortunately, I am sorely losing this name game and I would be much obliged if you all would take a few seconds and head over there and help vote for the name I submitted…which may or may not be Alyssa.

Of course, only vote for it if you like it. If it’s not your favorite you don’t have to vote 😉 Just kidding – but I’d love for you to help a girl out!

I’d just like to say that I think Alyssa is a very classy and strong name for a young lady, don’t you?

Thanks in advance – I owe you one!


  1. LOL :-)

    You’re so cute. Good luck darlin’.

  2. I will go and do that.

  3. I voted for you! I have a cousin Alyssa, and she’s a fantastic person so it has to be a good name :)

  4. I voted!! :) I think Olivia is kicking Alyssa’s butt, but I voted!!
    Hope you win!!

  5. I love the name Alyssa!! I’ll vote. :-) (ooh, though, I do love the name Olivia too, it’s my cousin’s name. LOL)

  6. Begging for votes? What has this blog come to?

    And, I just noticed the picture of Karys in the sidebar with her mouth open! I love it!

  7. i voted for you – i mean alyssa :)

    but i hate to be the bearer of bad news – you are still losing :(

    fingers crossed!!

  8. I like all the names, but I do have a niece named Alyssa, so it is near and dear to me. 😉


  10. I voted for Alyssa…very cute name! But, I have to say I do like Olivia, too :)

    I LOVE the Favorite Things Swap!!! I think you should host one on your blog!! I want to do one :)

    Yes, I just ordered Macy’s Halloween costume. Every year I have trouble finding one. Did you get Karys one yet?

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  12. I’ll vote. I love that name :)

  13. We very seriously considered Alyssa for our newest addition…but in the end, I decided since she had an Aunt Melissa it might get confusing. My son is named after my father in law so it would get really confusing really quick!

  14. Oh no…I already voted for Olivia!

    I’ll go vote again:)

  15. I LOVE the name Alyssa. Partly because it is such a cool name, and partly because I always wanted to be like Alyssa Milano when she was on Who’s the Boss!

    I am headed over to vote for you now. Good Luck!!!

  16. Good for you, dear. Congrats on making it to the final five.

  17. I went.
    I voted.
    For Alysa.
    Hope you win.
    It is close.
    23% to 28%.
    You are currently losing, but with a little more begging and graveling…I think you can take it!

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