Oh Houston…

How I love thee!

Let me count the ways…

Yes, we are back home after our holiday trip to Arizona to visit the in-laws.

Whenever I travel, no matter where I seem to go, I am always ready to go home. I’m not sure if this is because I am older and just like being home or if this is because Houston is actually the ONLY city (besides possibly Raleigh, NC b/c it took my breath away the one time I went there) that I would ever consider living.

I have come to realize more and more that I am a girl who belongs in the city. While Arizona (Fort Huachuca to be exact) was beautiful with the mountains and the scenery, I simply cannot fathom not having my paved roads and my life as it is in Suburbia.

My city skyscrapers and the mall that is practically in my backyard? A must.

Being able to wear my heels every day (thus the necessity of pavement)? A must.

So I am indeed a very lucky girl to have what I want in the city I love.

Houston, I will try very hard to never take you for granted! And I will try to keep the complaining of the traffic, heat, humidity, etc to a reasonable level. I promise!

**And again, my reader is completely full so please bear with me as I make my way through what has been going on in everyone’s lives. I will get there… Remember, patience is a virtue 😉 **


  1. oh please – arent you the girl who blew out TWO horns from being pissed about traffic?? haha :) JK! Glad to see you love Houston just as much as I do!! although, the only other place I would live is Denver, CO – That place took my breath away (and I LOVE LOVE LOVE skiing!!) but I dont know if I could handle being that far away from your child – she makes me happy :)

  2. yippppeee – u r home :)

    you’ve been missed friend!! can’t wait to get all caught up :)

  3. I love Houston too, but I will never stop bitching about the humidity or the mosquitos!
    Welcome back girl!

  4. I’m going to have to start trying a little harder to see what you see in Houston.

  5. I will be patient…although, I think you hit me up pretty good.

    You can have Houston…I don’t want it!

  6. I’m with Amy – I heart Houston, but I’m still going to complain about the humidity and mosquitoes!!!

  7. LOL! Welcome home darlin’!!
    Glad your heels are back on solid ground :-)

  8. So glad you love your home so much. That is so important!

    You are so brave for trying to sort through your reader after coming home from a vacation. Scary! 😉

  9. How funny, I am completely the opposit of you. The mountains are my home. I love the small town and dirt roads :)

    To each their own. Glad you had a fun trip.


  10. I still complain about the humidity and traffic, but I do love it! Atleast I’m technically in Katy for school, work and home!! (sorry to rub it in!)
    Glad you had fun on your trip (what..is this blog not worthy of the pics! lol) They were beautiful, but I dont think I could live there either!
    Have fun catching up..alot of our blog buddies have been busy!!

  11. yeah, that part of az, is not so fabulous!!

    Glad to hear that you are home safe and sound! :)

  12. I am so happy that you love were you live I love ohio were I live also.

  13. It’s good to appreciate home, ya know? I always LOVE my bed when I get back home. Except for that one time we stayed at a Westin and had one of those Heavenly Beds. WOW!


  14. So glad you are home.
    I have missed you.
    I have been trying to catch up on blog reading all week.
    I may never get done.

  15. There really is no place like home… and nothing like leaving it to rekindle your appreciation for it…

    J/ (goteeman.blogspot.com)

  16. Great post about HOUSTON…makes me want to visit TEXAS one day!

  17. Thanks for the Raleigh Shout Out!!!

  18. What krystyn said. :)


  19. I saw your blog on another blog list and stopped by! What a fun blog! I love it! Your daughter is a sweetie!
    Your newest member is a beauty!

    -Sandy Toes

  20. I have lived in south FL for many years and feel the same way:) My husband wants to move and I don’t think I could.

    Enjoyed reading your blog today!

  21. I feel the same way about where I live! I love it!! So, did you finish that book you were reading? Was it good?

  22. Glad your home and loving being back! I’m with you, especially now that I have kids. I’d almost rather NOT go on vacation and opt to stay home until my kids are all old enough to sleep in one bed without waking up! ;oD

  23. The older I get, the more I love home. Of course, my home is quite different than yours. Many unpaved roads, lots of trees, quiet, few malls…I amaze myself about the fact that this is the world where I am most happy. Isn’t nice to find your perfect spot in the world? Wherever that may be~!

  24. Welcome back to the big city! I love it here too…although I’d live in Colorado anyday…or really just in the Summer/Fall.

    I am SO very behind on blogging…too tired and busy these days. I hope to get back at it soon!

  25. Loving where you live is such a blessing. Glad you are back. Cute car too!

  26. You know what…I feel exactly the same way about Chicago! City living is the best:)

  27. Welcome Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

  28. You know….there are many things that I love about Houston, but there are a few states that I just love so much more. I kinda think Im over the big city feel. I want nature, a more cultural feel and clean air :) I want…Oregon!

  29. Speaking of Houston stay safe and away from Ike I just talked to my SIL and they are hunkering down for the storm. Keep us posted

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