The Perfect Husband

I knew when I started dating the boy that he was amazing.

I knew when I married the man that he was incredible.

What I didn’t know was that he could continue to outdo himself 10 years later!

This weekend he outdid himself indeed. You will recall that we took a trip alone to San Antonio this weekend.

I was not allowed to know any details. Everything was to be a surprise.

Here’s a recap of our weekend….

We show up at the Westin Riverwalk and I find out that my amazing husband has booked us a Suite (not just a room!) with a private balcony overlooking the Riverwalk.

He would tell me that we had an appointment at 9am the next morning but not where. Turns out, he booked us for a couple’s massage at the spa!

Next, we take a 20 minute drive and end up at the shops of La Canterra. Directly to the Coach store. And tells me to pick a purse of my choosing!

After that, he spoils me with lunch, another shopping spree and a lovely dinner.

After 10 years together, this guy, my husband, still manages to take my breath away and surprise me in so many ways. I am so thankful that he is mine.

And yes, I did pinch myself to make sure I was not just imagining all this…


  1. awww – yay for you both on the wonderful weekend getaway :)

  2. That sounds so wonderful. Can’t wait to see a picture of the purse :)

  3. Um, yes, that sounds simply amazing!!

    What a wonderful guy you have indeed!! Glad to hear that he appreciates the fact that He has a fabulous wife as well! :)

  4. you so trumped my story today! Good for you!!

  5. man, I hope I get a ‘Tim’!!

    he is an amazing husband and father! you have quite a catch! (and he is a great BIL too!)

  6. Does Tim have a blog?
    He needs one!
    And my husband needs to be a reader.
    I have a wonderful hubby, but not the book-a-room-at-the-Westin-private-massage-pickout-any-Coach-in-the-store-kinda-husband.
    I’m just sayin!

    Glad you had a dreamy anniversary weekend!!!

  7. Oh wow! Talk about one awesomely romantic evening. A big props goes to Tim for all his hard and very successful work :) You are one very lucky woman. So very happy for you chica.
    I agree that Tim needs a blog with tips for all the other men out there…including mine, haha.

  8. oh wow! That sounds so fantastic!

  9. WOW!!!! That is awesome! Just as a 10 yr anniversary should be. In dreams, anyway.
    So glad you had such an amazing weekend. :)

  10. Wow! Tim outdid himself…..again!!

  11. What an amazing weekend, to celebrate such an AMAZING accomplishment!! 10 years is a HUGE deal, and he celebrated it just right :)

    What a great hubby!! My husband is like that now, but I’m not so sure 10 years from now he will still be that way….I’m hoping though :)

  12. Wow! Tim is an amazing husband and father…you are a very lucky woman to have an such an amazing husband, to think he made all the plans and you didn’t have to do anything but show up, wow, he is awsome…Congrats to the both of you!…You both have a great love for one another, I love you both and my baby ANGEL.

  13. You 2 are just as cute as you were in high school! Your love shines through in every picture and story you tell!
    Congrats again!
    (we want a pic of the purse please!!)

  14. Awwwwww, what a sweetiekins!

    Glad y’all had such a fabulous time! Mi Tierra? hope it was as wonderful for you as it was for us! :-)

  15. Fantastic.

    So, do we get to see a picture of this new bag? You can’t tell of it and not SHOW it :)

  16. How sweet! Can he give my hubby a call??? ;oD

  17. Do youu loan him out? Or at least loan out his advice for other hubbies?


  18. What a great great hubby and a lovely weekend!

  19. Wow! That sounds fabulous! What a great guy you have! It’s so great when you find someone who gets you! And gets that we need coach! fun post!

  20. WOW. Just WOW.

  21. WOW! He is pretty darn awesome, hold on to that one!

  22. Sounds like so much fun! Hope it was great!

  23. That sounds like an AWESOME trip…we only live 45 minutes from the Riverwalk, but I would love a “trip” like that!!

  24. So sweet!

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