The Next Level

I think my husband and I may be taking our relationship to the next level.

My husband has always been a video game fanatic. He cannot live without his XBox 360. When a new game comes out, I fully anticipate going to sleep by myself for about a week while he stays up and plays online with his buddies.

This week he got a new game – Fable 2.

I must admit when he played this game the first night, I was intrigued. I used to love video games too but was more of a Quest Gamer. I wasn’t into the fighting games. So this being a quest game, I had a lot of questions and couldn’t even concentrate on a one Jamie Fraser in my book – which is very unlike me.

And then, as usual, I went to sleep. Alone.

Such is life.

However, last night, I was the one who stayed up for hours playing this game. I created my own profile and started my own quest. I let him play with me and my character. I actually even got further in the game than he did the first night.

And I was the buddy he stayed up with.

And then we went to bed. Together.

So I believe we have now bonded on a new level.


  1. DH and I had some bonding moments like that after we first got our wii. Nothing like bonding over some healthy competition.

  2. Awww….how romantic! I definitely can’t get into the ones where you walk around. I walk in circles! He’s too lucky!

  3. My husband and I have done this too! It feels great knowing I can actually enjoy the same games he does. I know how you feel when it comes to sleeping alone after a new game release. Hope you guys have many more of these moments.

  4. Taking it to the next level, huh?!?!
    That must have been alot of fun though!
    I hope many more night are to come!!

  5. honey i love it!!

    seriously super romantic in a weird kind of way :)

    yay for you and your new gaming buddy!!

  6. Haha, how funny! P and I always play games together, but we’re more of the Guitar Hero and Rockband type of couple. :)

  7. Neither Husband nor I are gamers. I just know if we had one in the house…I’d never sleep. I’m a bit obsessive like that. Best for me to keep away!

  8. I just haven’t advanced to that level yet. Maybe I should try harder.

  9. Maybe one day I will be as brave and courageous as you. Until then, I’ll go to bed. alone. too.

  10. That is too cute!

    Love that you have found a new way to “connect”. Even if you are the one kicking his butt!!

    Woohooo! Way to go Stephanie!!

  11. Good for you!!! Sounds like a good time.

  12. Look, you have me hooked on this Twilight madness…don’t get me started with Video Games…I can’t handle it.


    I am glad you’ve reached another level of bonding. That is always a beautiful thing.


  13. Hehe. I like to play ps3 games with Jeremy, too. I like assasin’s creed. He just got a nintendo ds, too and now I can play super mario once again!! :)
    Y’all are too cute and I miss you girlie- you just now work! 😉

  14. That is seriously too cute. You guys crack me up. But I do feel that playing this game (or all games) together is a great bonding experience and it shows him that you appreciate his gamer hobby. Keep kicking butt chica :)

  15. See it’s just all princess and Mario games over here. I’m afraid of those fighting games. Mainly because I think I would get addicted. You could not tear me away from X-Men at the arcade!

  16. Dare I say, you two were totally made for each other. What’s next, are you going to join a fantasy football league? :)

  17. I’m shocked!! but go Steph! you were always really good at games.. back in our Spyro days :)

  18. nerds!

  19. That? Is awesome :)

  20. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.


    If you CAN beat ’em, let ’em join you :)

    LOVE the twist!

    You know he’s got to be bragging to all his buddies about his hot gamer wife!

  21. WOOHOO! Hubby sold all of his stuff, insisting he was officially an old fart. But get me into a game of pac-man and it’s TO THE DEATH! ;oD Hope you can continue to bond this way, it makes for an interesting topic of conversation!

  22. You turned off Jamie for a video game. That does not compute.

  23. How fun! My hubby loves to play wii!!! We play together sometimes, but then I get mad when I lose…LOL!

  24. That is hilarious! ANd very cute. I bet my Big D would LOVE for me to get into video games with him. I JUST CAN’T DO IT!! LOL

  25. I used to be a gamer, but the kids came and I liked my sleep more then the game. But the hubs still digs them!! Enjoy :)

  26. This definitely sounds spicy!
    Love that in finding a gaming buddy you found your ole bed partner too!

  27. Halo

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