Rolling With Baby Jesus

Karys has always been obsessed with my mom’s nativity scene that she has in her foyer. The set is out year round on the bottom of her buffet table. Mostly, Karys is obsessed with Baby Jesus. She loves to go take him out of his crib.

Wednesday night we were at my mom’s visiting and Karys picked up Baby Jesus. Again. Tim told her to put him back to sleep and so she did.

A couple minutes later we have our backs turned and hear a plink! I hear Tim gasp and turn around to see Baby Jesus’ head rolling across the foyer.

My child beheaded Baby Jesus!

As I am trying to apologize to my mom, no one quite knows what to say. We are all just sort of in shock and it seems wrong to laugh (even if it is a doll) but we just can’t help ourselves. We are all in hysterics at this point. My sister, Ashley, and I cannot seem to contain ourselves and our literally on the floor almost in tears.

We took Baby Jesus home and promised my mom that we would mend him.

I am very pleased to say that Baby Jesus came through “surgery” (aka super glue) with flying colors and is now good as new.


  1. Hahahaha!! Think she will try to play with it again after this?

  2. OMG! you posted this on your blog! I think it just slipped out of her hands that she didn’t throw it like she does everything else :)…Jesus is now fixed and is missing his crib.

  3. LOL We had a similar incident today but with a piggy bank. Glad Jesus has been mended.

  4. OMG…that was the perfect way to start my day. Im totally giggling out loud over here. Too funny.
    Ohhhh Poor Baby Jesus :)

  5. Ok, that is pretty funny! Karys is going to have to make up with a lot of good deeds to get this off her record with God! ;oD HA! Just kidding!

  6. OMG ahaha. I hope she’s not traumatized!

  7. sooo hilarious friend.

    glad to see baby jesus is back to his old self :)

  8. I would have lost it, too! All you can do is laugh, right?

    Glad the surgery went well.

  9. That is pretty funny! What a great story to tell her when she gets older :)

  10. agreed, nothing if funny about a decapitated baby Jesus…but something really is.

  11. says:

    My mom’s Lladro Baby Jesus lost his…umm…valued bit of anatomy and a finger. I don’t know why Jesus wasn’t wearing a loincloth.

  12. I am laughing hysterically too!

    That is just too funny!!

    Maybe your mom needs to find a “higher” place to keep baby Jesus year round! :)

  13. I’d have lost it, too!!!

  14. Oh man, I would have laughed so hard!

  15. This Christmas will forever be known as the year Karys beheaded Jesus 😉 BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA

    Last year Monkey ate Santa’s head. No, seriously… he ate one of the figurines heads.

    Sheesh, those kids I tell ya.

  16. I would have lost it, too. That is just too funny!!


  18. I dunno why that is so funny to me, too, but it is… Jesus really lost his head at your house!

    J/ (

  19. Poor Karys…she may never hear the end of this story.
    It will be told for many years to come.
    It is hilarious after all!

  20. Whew. Close one. Did she also eat the apple from “The Garden of Eden?” 😉

  21. I cracked up when you told me and I am cracking up again!! and I teased Mom about it this weekend :) hahahahaha too funny!!!

  22. That is Hilarious!! So glad Baby Jesus is feeling better LOL

  23. Yes, that is hilarious and yes, it would be very hard to keep from “cracking” up (get it?) LOL!

  24. ROFL also! I would have reacted the same way. You hate too laugh, but it is too hard not to.

    Glad baby Jesus has recovered! :)

  25. Whew…that was a close one;)

  26. I am on the floor laughing right now…..LOL Glad you were able to fix him right up

  27. Ok, that story is too funny! I love it! I love that you took pictures of it, too! I would have done the same thing :)

  28. That is so funny!

  29. Oh that is hilarious. Talk about bad karma, eh? But I’m sure Baby JC is down with it. :)

  30. The best gift a girl can give…SUPER glue. I still use it!

    Too funny!

  31. He is healed! Praise the Lord! :)

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