Up Close & Personal


  1. Her hair is getting longer now!! She is just so pretty!!

  2. What an adorable little girl!!

  3. Look at that face. I love it. Her tear drop eyes are too beautiful.

  4. What a beauty!

  5. A-dor-a-ble!!!

  6. So cute. I just want to squeeze her!

  7. she is gorgeous! she could be a model – she’s going to be a heart-breaker!

  8. She’s just beautiful :)

  9. Gosh she’s cute!

  10. I love that pic! And her expression is adorable! :)

  11. She is soooo cute! I love her little curls :) :)
    So sweet!!

  12. Karys is so adorable! Those cheeks were made for kissing.

    BTW, I did Weight Watchers years ago and really liked it. Although I’m sure the program has changed since then, having to weigh-in in front of people really helped me. The embaressment for hopping on the scale in front of everyone and GAINING weight scared me enough to stick to the diet. Good luck!

  13. She is so cute! She has very expressive eyes, and I will just bet she is an angel…

    You are very blessed…

    J/ (goteeman.blogspot.com)

  14. What is up with your yahoo email?
    I have responded to all your comments and I just got the fifth one back.
    I can’t email you so I am leaving this comment on your blog.
    You can just delete this from your dashboard when you figure it out.

  15. What a lovely photo. She is such a cutie. Enjoy her, she will be grown up before you know it!

  16. such a sweet face friend :)

  17. That is a fantastic picture!

  18. When I saw the caption, I thought it was going to be a REALLY, Really close up, but it’s just a perfect close up.

    Look at those curly locks!

  19. Awwww, she is so cute!!

  20. a perfect little face…a model in training. BEAUTIFUL!

  21. She is so beautiful…so perfect, I love my little Angel…your hair wasn’t that curly when you were that little…that’s my girl.

  22. such a sweet little thing!

  23. I think she is starting to look alot like you. :) :)

  24. Cute!

  25. So pretty!!

  26. SO cute and she looks so big!!

  27. Oh Stephanie, she is just so beautiful! I just wanna smooch that face!

  28. anglophilefootballfanatic.com says:

    She is looking so much like her Daddy. You need another one that is totally you. Are we still on for the 24thish?

  29. She is so cute.

  30. She looks like an angel . . . her skin just glows.

  31. LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture!!!!

  32. LOOK at her! Wow. Just, wow.

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