Following In Momma’s Footsteps

She may play video games with Daddy, but she has a shoe fetish and the start of a wonderful collection like her Momma!


  1. says:

    You in trouble. How are you gonna share the funds with her??

  2. Those are some snazzy shoes!

  3. adorable sketchers! Love ’em!! BTW, you’re bows are on the way! Thanks so much, Steph!

  4. Look at that glitter and glam! You are in trouble. Just like AFF said, how will you ever share the money?

  5. Ok, the Sketchers might be the cutest shoes I have ever seen!

  6. Aaaahhhh a girl and her shoes. :-)

  7. she is too cute! I love it!

  8. Love the sketchers!! Hell, I love them all!!!
    A girl and her shoes..priceless!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Sooo precious! I’m sad I won’t see her for my bday!!! :(

  10. Oh yeah.

    She is my kind of girl!

  11. i seriously can’t get enough of her tinker bell shoes!!

  12. Shoe collection…looking Jazzy. This makes me that much more excited to go shopping for THE BOY and THE GIRL!

    Very cute!

  13. Love it!! I just bought Macy the first pair you have pictured :)
    She looked ADORABLE for Halloween! I love the Tinkerbell costume!

  14. That’s IT! I need a girl to share my shoe fetish!
    Such cute shoes!!!

  15. Oh my Lord! Miss Peach would go crazy for the green ones!

  16. Too cute!! And I am also not looking forward to sharing my shoe funds!! :)

  17. LOVE Tinks shoes!

  18. Those are just precious!

    So you now need, a college fund, a wedding fund and a shoe fund.

    Girl, you are in trouble :-)

  19. Love the shoes. Especially that first pair.

  20. Morgan has the first pair and I think I’m as in love with them as she is :)

  21. I love having a girl & I LOVE buying her shoes!

  22. I’m so jealous! how cute and ‘spicy’ are you two!

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