My Sweet Gamers

Karys wants to do everything we do.

Including playing XBOX360 with Daddy.

So when Daddy plays, Karys plays. She even has her own little controller as well (sans batteries of course!).

And check out those blonde curls on my child!


  1. AWW!!!! she is so precious!!! I bet she is smiling and laughing the whole time too… I love her – I am going to miss not seeing her this weekend :(

  2. Oh, I can only imagine if we had a game system what Isabelle would do.

    It’s so cute when they mimic us.

    I love the curls. Looks like she and Izzy are going to have matching crazy hair!

  3. Love the crazy blonde curls!!
    She looks so happy sitting there with daddy!!

  4. She is the cutest gamer in the world!! And I am not even slightly biased!

  5. Too sweet! The curls are precious!

  6. She is adorable! Love the curls and loved the Tinker Bell costume.

  7. oh how much does daddy love this??

    his own little gaming buddy :)

    and the curls!! too sweet!!

  8. Oh that’s adorable! Love the pic of her with her dad (in matching black shirts no less LOL)…she looks SO excited to be playing with him!

  9. WOW her hair is so curly!! I love it. She is such a cutie.

  10. My precious Angel, she is a doll, I just love her smile :)…see resembles Ashley so much as a baby, you should post one of the both of them on your blog…love her so much!

  11. says:

    I want to boing the curls. I really really wanna. When I’m home after THE date, we gotta get the tykes together. Just so I can boing.

    And, Knute has been wanting to “play in Daddy’s band” for months now, too. He pulled his piano in the media room to hang out with Pup while he plays Rock Band & Guitar Hero.

  12. That’s adorable! WE need to get Monkey an extra Wii controller so that he can play with us too.

    I love those curls, I just wanna spring ’em!!

  13. Wish I could take the batteries out of my little ones controlers. Love the curls!

    Cute as always!

  14. I love her grin when she tries to smile…reminds me so much of Izzy’s. You say, “Cheese!” to those girls and they really ham it up. Curly hair….I am so super jealous. Izzy has it, too!

  15. So cute!! Trust me though, it never stops!

    I can’t tell you how many times Elisabeth and Steven play games together on our Wii and Playstation 3. My hubby next wants to get the xbox 360, but I told him I think we have enough!

    It does help me because I can do the dishes and laundry that I need to do while they are playing, and no one interrupts me :)

  16. It looks like she even likes to dress like daddy, haha. That is too darn cute. Who better to mimick then mom & dad.
    And the hair is absolutely beautiful!

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