Sick Leave

I’m pretty sick and will be out of commission for a few days. But I promise to catch up on my reading as soon as I feel up to it.
Went to the doctor yesterday – and walked away with 4 prescriptions! I didn’t know one could be that sick.
I will be back soon. Hopefully these meds do the trick and I will be back on my feet (blog) in no time!


  1. Oh, yuck! I sure hope the medicine helps. That really stinks!!

  2. Sorry you arent feeling well :(
    Get well soon babe!!

  3. Oh no! Get well soon!

  4. well, you look better than that picture you posted :) and you HAVE to be better by Friday – you can’t let Edward down!!! well, even if you arent, I’m sure seeing him will make you feel 100x’s better!!

  5. Oh MAN, I’m sorry to hear this! It seems like so many people I know (IRL nad bloggy-world) are so sick right now. :-p

  6. Yikes. I hope you are feeling better SOON!


  7. Get better soon, or at least by FRIDAY!

    No fun being sick….*sprinkles get well dust on you*

  8. No matter what – you and me, antibiotics be damned – are drinking on Friday while drooling over a much younger man.

  9. Antibiotics and margaritas go hand in hand 😉
    Get well girlie, we gotta see you Friday night!

  10. can i bring you some soup??

    feel better friend :)

  11. Yikes! FOUR meds???

    Hope you feel better soon!!!

  12. So sorry you are sick.
    That is no fun.
    Hurry and get well soon…Twilight comes out Friday.
    You must get well!

  13. Didn’t you know it was a sin to get sick this close to Thanksgiving? ;oD You don’t want anything keeping you from stuffing your face next week! HA!

    Seriously, feel better soon! (and I don’t think I’ll be getting around to any Thanksgiving bows this year since I’ve been dealing with all the stomach issues the last couple of weeks. Sorry!!! But I do have plenty of Christmas ones!)

  14. I know what it’s like to leave the doc’s office with 4 scripts. It SUCKS!! Hope you’re feeling better!!

  15. Get well soon!

  16. Oh feel better soon!!!

    So sorry to hear that you are feeling so bad. Hoping Tim is taking care of Karys, and feeding you lots of soup! :)

    Sending healing thoughts your way!

  17. Hope you are feeling better soon! Sending get-well thoughts your way!

  18. Feel better soon.

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