Eggs At 1:00AM

There are a few things in life that I must have in order to be a happy person.

One of which that is very important to me is sleep. I covet it.

Let me preface and say that we are very blessed to live in a pretty upscale neighborhood. There is not much crime other than the occassional teenager trying to open unlocked car doors (I kid you not).

So when my doorbell rings at 1:00am and my German Shepherd goes off barking like we’re under seige, knowing that my sleep is already interrupted, I literally am wanting to murder whoever is at the door. And if my *toddler wakes up, this stranger is going to wish his finger never touched that little button.

Tim, being the good Texan that he is, has a slightly different thought than simply wanting to do away with the intruder to his wife’s slumber, quickly grabs his gun from the cabinet before heading to the door (hey, you never know!). Only to later shove it in my hands while saying “It’s a cop!”.

So many thoughts are going through my head but mainly I am starting to get worried that something has happened to our family members. Police officers do not typically show up in Suburbia for no good reason at 1:00am on a weeknight you know.

The thought that was NOT running through my head upon being interrupted of my blissful slumber?

Was that the kind officer was letting us know that all cars in the neighborhood that were parked in the street were egged by some kids

Sorry for the lack of pictures. But there was no way I was going to go outside to take pictures of this at 1:00am. My happy behind went straight back to bed while Tim washed off the **car.

Eggs, anyone?

* No, my child did not wake up. Lucky for all those involved.
**No, not my new car thank you very much.


  1. um, are you kidding me? I would have rather of woken up to eggs on my car then be disturbed! and especially since you dont even park your cars in the street! apparently Mr. Cop was pissed that he had graveyard shift and wanted some others to suffer as well… people like that give cops a bad name… go find the kids! dont wake people up!!

    sorry that happened… did Karys sleep through it all??

  2. OMG!!!…teenagers are nothing but a pain in my side…parents should be more responsible & accountable for thier delinquents actions. Some of them need to be locked up. Do I sound Angry? well it has happened to me more than once, just horrible, I am sorry to hear about the honey!…keep them locked up at NIGHT.

  3. So your cars did not get egged? Will that is good.

  4. Oh, I would have been pissed, too!

    That is really, really sucky!

    I don’t get why kids think it’s okay to destroy other people’s things or steal, or kill, or really any of these other stupid acts.

    I bet Tim was thrilled to be cleaning the egg off the car. And, I’m glad that he didn’t stumble upon the kid outside while “packing heat!”

  5. pretty sure now you and tim can take off work and go egg the lazy teenagers cars at around one pm this afternoon.

    i am sure they will be sleeping. since it appears they have nothing better to do!

    sorry friend but so glad you were able to fall back asleep :)

  6. Wow that would totally suck – the being awoken and the being egged thing. Glad K didn’t wake up and your new car was spared.

  7. Did the cops not think of the hour? I would’ve been furious. Couldn’t that wait until maybe you woke up??

  8. I didn’t know cops would come wake you up for something like that…

  9. Nice that the cop let you know but I still would have been pissed that I had been removed from my sound slumber!

  10. Oh wow, I would have been PISSED. I love sleep.

  11. What a wake-up call. I would be completely irritated. Wes would have done the same thing as Tim. Props to Tim for washing the car at 1am.

  12. I’m not sure if I would have been more upset by the eggs on the car, or the cop waking me up to tell me about it.

    BTW, when I saw the title of this post, “Eggs at 1am” I thought you were going to say you were pregnant and craving eggs!

  13. Wow…seems a bit odd that they would wake you up for that? Glad it wasn’t bad news:)

  14. Oh wow..I agree w/ everyone else..I’m a little surprised they rang the doorbell for that!
    Gadl you were able to go back to sleep, glad Karys slept through it all, and extra glad it wasnt your new car!!

  15. OH I would have been pissed!!!!!!!!

  16. Um. So why did the cop wake you up at 1 AM to tell you that? That is crazy! Couldn’t you just have found out about it in the morning? I don’t think the egg would have wrecked the paint that quickly.
    Our minivan was egged twice this past summer and Todd was SO MAD. I didn’t really care. Just a bunch of kids being stupid I think.

    I hope you were able to fall back to sleep. :)

  17. Okay….so, it’s nice of the cop to give you the heads up of what had taken place, but seriously? 1am? The HELL?! Wake me up at 1am to tell me my car was stolen and found in the river. Or to tell me you were driving by and noticed someone trying to break into my car/house.

    And yes…good thing the toddler wasn’t woken AND that it wasn’t the new car. That? Would’ve been grounds for a brawl :)

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