Flurry Frenzy

There was much excitement yesterday.

It snowed in Houston! Some parts of our city even got up to 4 1/2 inches.

However, in my little Suburbia we only had some little flurries.

Below are some pictures from my phone of all the excitement…

Flurry #1
Flurry #2
Flurries #3 – #28
There were, of course, more than the 28 flurries at my house, but nothing that would stick and nothing I could get very good pictures of. Plus it was too cold for me to stand outside for long – it was in the 30’s! Brrr…. This is Texas for goodness sake!
This morning a few schools were delayed to start classes.
You people up North can feel free to laugh now. I know I would.


  1. HAHAHA – that sucks you didn’t get that much – I had lots!! but still not enough to make a snow angel :( haha – but it was so exciting!

  2. This is me…up north…laughing:)

  3. Yes, most people would laught at us, but IT SNOWED.here.in.houston!!! We got a little more than that at our house, but not as much as Rachel!!
    Dont worry..the forcast says it will be in the 70’s this weekend…great!

  4. WOW! 4.5 inches is a lot for Texas! but 30 degrees = freezing?! LOL! That’s like a winter heat wave here in CO! J/K

  5. honey that is hysterical :)

    i love how you captured the flurries!!

  6. All the hullabaloo is funny! I got enough to coat our lawn. Of course, it melted away this morning by about 9 AM. Oh well.

  7. I live in Upstate NY. I think you rock, but I AM laughing at you right now :)

    As I type this, it’s 27 degrees and we’re getting hit with sleet, freezing rain and ice. Oh how I love Northern winters.

    Or something.

  8. Flurries are fun. We have a good 24 inches of snow in our yard and I’d LOVE to send you some! :)

    I get ya though, flurries are kinda cozy!

  9. We got nothing. And, I was okay with that, because it was a school day and I had blog reading to catch up on!

  10. Yay for Flurries…I think the folks in CO sent it down to us. I told my Baby Daddy that it was snowing here (as he was raised in Houston) and he was like, Yeah Right…I am thinking WHY would I lie! ha ha

    I loved it, we had a good snowfall from about 6-9:30. The kids had a snowball fight and made a mini snowman.

    I am ready to be in the 70’s thank you!

    I’ll have pictures of our flurries to post tomorrow!

  11. I really am trying my hardest not to laugh. Really. But you are just too cute.

  12. Okay, that is hilarious that you photographed the flurries and numbered them!

  13. I know Missouri isn’t really “north”… but still. Come on!


  14. Oh honey, that storm is coming through for us right now here in Alabama. We’ve got schools delayed here for in the morning, too. Milk and bread anyone? ;oD

  15. Stephanie you crack me up with counting your snow fluries, who knows it could snow again, just pray.

  16. My brother lives in Massachusetts….he laughs at me all the time. I won’t run if it is much colder than 60 degrees. He goes running when the high gets over 35 degrees!! Good grief!!

  17. How cool for you guys! I can’t picture snow at the beach.

  18. It was so much fun! And I don’t really care that it didn’t stick. I much prefer my 70 degree weather!

  19. My SIL told me it was snowing in Houston but I didn’t beleive her! :) Still no snow here in DC

  20. No laughing here!
    I. completely. understand.

  21. Blogland misses you! Come back soon please! :)
    (I guess I will settle for updates on the family blog, but we want you back to sugar & spice too!!) lol

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