Holiday Happenings


First, I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I know we did and I know we have so much to be thankful for. It’s sometimes easy to take blessings for granted and this season is always good to make a point to be truly grateful.

I feel like a lot has gone on so I will do a quick update on all that is new in my world…

~ Thanksgiving was wonderful. We had a good time with most of our family and got to enjoy 2 wonderful meals!

~ We have 2 Christmas Trees in our house this year. I wanted to do a fun one for Karys this Christmas with colored lights and make it all fun since I’m so picky about my own tree 😉

~ I saw Twilight for the 4th time (yes, 4th, don’t judge!) and am even more in love with it than I was the first several times I saw it. And yes, I’d go for a 5th time. Anyone want to see it with me? I’m totally serious.

~ I didn’t necessarily do Black Friday, but I did venture out a bit this weekend and got some Christmas shopping done. I feel very accomplished about that!

~ My 28th birthday is in 2 days (December 3rd). I am excited to be turning an even number again. I’m quirky. I know. But I think 28 is a pretty number so I’m happy about it. Let’s just leave it at that, m’kay?

~ My husband turns 28 on Thursday. Yes, I’m 5 hours older. He’s a lucky man with an older woman!

~ My child has started potty training herself (21 months). She started asking last weekend and has told us ever since when she needs to go, not without accident of course, but she’s got the general idea. I guess we can’t complain. If she is ready, by all means, let’s do this!

~ And lastly, my brother-in-law, Joe, proposed to his girlfriend, Deanna, last night. Congratulations to them both – we love you and are very excited for another wedding!


  1. Happy early Birthday to you and your husband!
    My husband and I are also one day apart and we were born one state apart from each other. Crazy, huh?

    Yay for the self potty training! Hopefully that’ll make your job easier, right? 😀

  2. The last movie I saw 4 times AT THE THEATER was Stayin Alive with John Travolta in the mid 80’s. LOVED THE DANCING. I thought I was going to dance on Broadway after I saw that.


  3. WHOO hoo. You know when I head back on the 21st, I’ll totally go…and demand it as a b-day present. I knew you guys were close, but five hours?! Wow. Congrats on Karys deciding to be a big girl. DANG! I wish mine had been that easy.

  4. Happy Early birthday!
    You are very brave to do some shopping this weekend!

    BTW I found you from Firehunt :)

  5. Wow…you’ve been busy! 2, I want pictures of that FUN tree and one of the Steph ‘perfect’ tree. I can’t talk myself into doing 1 tree, but I will for the boy and the girl of course. I am happy you had a good holiday weekend and got some shopping accomplished. I am procrastinating it all!

    Birthday celebrations all week/month long. Yay! 28 IS A PRETTY NUMBER…and it is closer to 30 {another even number to love}.

    Good for Karys. D & L were easy to train and very eager to do it themselves. We are lucky.

  6. Whew! Wait until April and I’ll see it with you then (unless you venture to Atlanta)!

    Happy almost birthday to both of you!

    Congrats to Joe and Deanna (do I know her?)!

    WTG Karys…I hope it happens all the way faster for you! I’m totally over potty training her. And, I hope the pooping is going better, too!

  7. So glad y’all had a happy Thanksgiving!!!!
    And I know that you and Tim will have fun celebrating your bdays this week.
    Happy Early Birthday to y’all! :)

  8. Hahaha-“even closer to 30″…I know you cherished that comment!! You know Lalo-cha didn’t mean any harm, like I would have :)And congrats to Miss K for getting pull ups & her own tree! Oh-and a new aunt!

  9. I love both your trees :) and I will totally go see Twilight with you (again)! and I am serious about that too – I cant get enough Edward! Happy Early bday to both you and your younger man :) Karys is the smartest little girl I have ever known! And Congrats to Joe and Deanna! Sounds like you’re off to a busy December already!!

  10. I’ll see Twilight with you! I haven’t seen it yet.
    Shall we meet somewhere in the middle? 😉

  11. totally get the tree thing – the one in our living room is mine. the one in the dinning room is for all the nyc stuff. and then bug has her own in her room. ok and there is one more upstairs in our room.

    maybe a little tree obsessed :)

    happy almost bday!!

  12. My friend Cass and I want to see Twilight again so lets make it happen, haha.
    You have so many wonderful things coming up.
    Happy Early Birthday to you BOTH.
    And HUGE YEAH to the start of potty training. Especially since little Miss brought it to your attention. What an independent woman :)

  13. Happy (almost) Birthday to you and your hubby!! December babies rock. :-) Mine is coming up, December 12th!

  14. You and my little boy have the same birthday!

    Sounds like your Holidays are starting off nicely!

  15. Sounds like a very exciting time!! Happy birthday to you and your hubby!

  16. I finally saw Twilight! And I so want to see it again already. Actually as I was walking out of the theater that was the first thing to come out of my lips. :) I’d watch it with you anytime-seriously!

  17. Wow…Happy Birthday to you both!

  18. Happy birthday. Looks like I need to go and see Twilight.

  19. Happy Birthday :) And yes, turning an even number DOES make the birthday a little better!!

  20. I don’t think I realized Karys and my chicken were so close in age. He’ll be 2 on February 24. I think that means he’s 21 months told, too. But I’m not sure and I’m too lazy to find my calculator!

    We’re going to have 2 christmas trees, too and since I still have Halloween decorations up, I’m guessing it’ll be Christmas Eve before it’s all done.

    And if we lived closer, I’d totally go see Twilight with you again!

  21. Happy Early Birthday! I too have a December birthday and will be an even number this year…uggg. LOL BUT I also think 28 IS a good NUMBER….28 was great! 21 months and potty training…OMG it so must be a girl thing! IT does not work that way in the boy world! GOOD LUCK and WOW 21 months…that rocks so so much!!!!

  22. I love the random, busy posts!!
    We have 2 trees too! The kids have one in the playroom that they decorate and then we have our in the living room that they arent allowed to touch! lol
    Happy Early Birthday to you and Tim!!!
    Twilight…4 go super woman!! I would TOTALLY see it again!!
    Yeah for Karys!!!! I hope it sticks..wouldnt that be great to have no more diaper bills!!! 😉
    Wow..hows that for a random comment! 😉

  23. Happy Birthday honey, I love you!…I will say Happy Birthday to my wonderful son-in-law a day a head…my little Karys is so smart, she has been a blessing from above, I love her so much!

  24. Love the random post!
    Glad your Thanksgiving was wonderful!
    Yay for two trees!
    I have only seen Twilight twice, but would go see it with you in any time. Too bad we have so many states seperating us! 😉
    I didn’t do Black Friday either.
    I hate fighting crowds and especially crowds at 4am!?!
    WTG on the potty training!
    *picture me doing the pee pee
    dance for Karys*
    Congratulations on getting a SIL!!!

  25. My birthday is December 3rd too, but I turned 34!! I like the even number too!!

    Hope you had a great day!!

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