Just Another Candle

If I had a birthday cake today, there would be another candle on it.

Today is my 28th birthday and I was actually getting a little excited about it. I love birthdays – a day celebrating YOU! Your own personal little mini-holiday.

And then it got here and I very quickly realized that apparently there was nothing was really that special about it.

Waking up today was absolutely no different than waking up any other day.

Is it normal to cry on your birthday? Sigh…

Oh well, at least my girlfriends are taking me out tonight for some wine and some Edward (yes again – don’t judge!). So I have that to look forward too.



  1. It is not JUST ANOTHER DAY! It is your special MINI-HOLIDAY!

    It is a day to celebrate your portable cereal. It is a day to celebrate “ALMOST 3 DECADES” of YOU!


    You enjoy your TEDWARD tonight! LOL


    PS-Nellie & I still have more treats to come!

  2. Shape up! None of that pity crap on your bday. You’ve been awesome for 28 years, now act like it lady!

  3. Anonymous says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TEH-TEH!!! No crying!! You’re only 28…if 22 yr old Robert Pattinson was here, i bet he’d still want you! LOVE YOU! see you tonight!

  4. At least you have friends to take you somewhere on your birthday! I didn’t get to do squat!!! So I was with you, crying a little into my pillow that night. Hope you’re day is wonderful and hubby’s is tomorrow, too! (That is when you said it was, right?) Hope you get to enjoy Edward again. *snort*

  5. uhm no tears friend. it isn’t just another candle – it’s the big 2-8!! really i think it might just have been my favorite stop in my 20’s :)

    enjoy edward tonight and that extra candle on your cake!!

    happy bday :)

  6. OOOO Happy Birthday! I would trade you 28 for the 40 that I will turn next Monday!!!! Happy Happy Birthday and I worship you….ooo getting to go to a MOVIE that is not animated…YOU are my HERO! Have fun again…I would see the same MOVIE a 100 times over IF I could do it without having to take my boys..LOL

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I’m sorry your day isn’t off to the best start, but I know you will have a great time tonight!

  8. Happy, happy birthday!

    Enjoy your date with Edward…and I’m sure Tim has something exciting waiting in the wings!

  9. Happy Birthday to you!! (again!)
    I felt the same EXACT way this year on my birthday in the morning…than as the day went on, it was GREAT!!!
    Hope your day gets better by the second..no crying missy!!!
    HELLO…you get to see Edward tonight!!!! (lucky girl!!)

  10. Can’t wait to see Edward with you tonight :) no crying on your bday – its a HAPPY day!! Love you!

  11. Hey girl! Happy Birthday!
    This years bday (28) for me was not all that, I have to admit. I am with you, it was just another day.

    Atleast you get to go see a hot guy to dream about tonight. Enjoy that!

    I think I am going to drag Travis to see it with me again. So you said Tim actually liked it??

  12. Happy Birthday! My birthday is my favorite day of the year – selfish, I know. But I like that it’s all about me.

    Have fun tonight!



  14. Happy Birthday, Stephanie!!!

    There should be NO tears on a day that involves wine and Edward Cullen. Have fun!

  15. Happy b-day girlie!
    No tears! I know how you feel though, this year was that way for me, too. I think expectations are too high for “holidays” and so we get disappointed.
    I hope your day is magnificent!
    Miss ya!

  16. A night out with the girlfriends and Edward? Well that sounds like a GREAT birthday!
    Do you know what I did on my 30th birthday? I cleaned up vomit from my two vomiting boys. It was fun. Or, wait, not so much.
    But I guess I didn’t miss much because the hubby hadn’t planned anything special anyway. UGH! 😉

    I hope you have a WONDERFUL birthday that is full of fabulous surprises! :)

  17. Happy Birthday!!!! It’s ok to cry….tears of joy I hope! I agree with my sis, your hubby has something great planned…I just know it! And maybe Karys will sing to you…does it get any better than that????

  18. Happy Birthday! I hope you had a wonderful day!

  19. Happy birthday! I hope your own special mini-holiday was fantastic! :-)

  20. First…Happy Birthday! Have fun:)

    Second, I’m not judging…but it might be time for an Edward self help group;)

  21. No crying allowed! YOU’RE still in your 20’s!! Enjoy it, woman! LOL
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  22. HAPPY 28TH BIRTHDAY. Seriously, 28 is the new 20. Or so I hear. :)

  23. Oops, I’m a day late :-(

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you had a blast with your friends…and Edward 😉

  24. I missed it!!! Dangit.

    Happy Belated Darling One! So sorry i missed it.

    I hope it was wonderful and that all the tears were of joy and blessings.
    Welcome to the 28th year! Mine was fabulous, I hope yours is too.

  25. Oh my. I am the worst friend. Happy Happy Birthday friend. I missed it!

    I am so so sorry!

    I hope you had the most wonderful of days. And, that you ate lots of dessert. :)

    Again, Happy Happy Birthday to one of my favorite bloggy friends!

  26. Edward will make you feel special on your birthday. :)

    I’m going again tonight too. We’ll be together in spirit.

  27. So sorry I missed your special day!
    Happy (belated) birthday!
    I hope your day turned out better than expected.
    If it involved girlfriends, wine and Edward Cullen…I am quite sure it did!

  28. Happy belated birthday!

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