Has It Really Been A Month?

I did NOT neglect my blog for almost an entire month.

And even if I did, it was NOT because my husband and I were on vacation together for 2 weeks and enjoying every single second together with our daughter.

And it was also NOT because my in-laws were in town. Or because we were spending time with family. Or because we were incredibly busy.

And it was NOT because I did 6 lengthy updates on our family blog for our out-of-town relatives to see what we did over the holidays.

And I certainly did NOT enjoy the time off from the blog. Nope, not me!

I did NOT get sick for 5 days with a horrible virus that infected 11 out of 27 members of my family. And I did NOT lose 6 pounds because of it. Yikes!

I did NOT spent 46:34 minutes on hold with a certain store because they forgot to ship part of my order. I did NOT get my way and they did NOT ship the new item to me in time for Christmas.

I did NOT see ‘Twilight’ spontaneously over the holidays for a 6th time after a nice girl’s dinner.

I was NOT asked to appear in court and take the stand in a custody battle between our neighbors who are divorcing. It did NOT break my heart to be there and I did NOT cry in the courtroom.

I am NOT totally behind at work because it is NOT totally busy. And I am NOT totally overwhelmed.

It’s obviously NOT getting in the way of my blogging time in the least bit.

And I am most certainly NOT traveling to Denver next week for work to further increase my workload at the office.

I did NOT happen to find a Wii Fit yesterday on a whim!! And I did not play it for 67 minutes last night. And my Wii Fit Age is most definitely NOT 39…because that would be humiliating.

I did NOT purchase a gorgeous new bed set for my daughter to coordinate with her new furniture that we’ve had picked out for months. And I did NOT get a fabulous deal on it all.

I will NOT be merely skimming through my readers trying to catch up with what everyone has been doing during the past month.

And I, unfortunately, will NOT be unable to comment on all of your entries that you worked so hard to write.

I am NOT hanging my head in shame…


  1. To answer your question…YES, its been a month!
    We have missed your sweet face! (atleast I got caught up with the family blog!!)
    I love your Not Me Monday…sounds like you were innocent as ever! :)
    Welcome back..its glad to have you back!!

  2. My calves are Not sore from playing wii fit and i’m Not embarrassed by it!

  3. Whew…you didn’t do nearly enough….nope, not at all!

    And, over 45 minutes on hold. You bet your sweet butt you better get what you want!

  4. Welcome back!!!!!!

  5. yay you are back :)

    nice to see you friend!

  6. So now wouldn’t be the time to ask if you wanted to go to the Agenda Mom 2.0 conference with me,right? It’s at the 4 Seasons. I’d split a room with you for a night. We could PAR-TAY.

    I’m in all next week.

    And, I totally had a blast at that spontaneous Twilighting.

  7. You must have got the same nasty stomach virus we had on CHRISTMAS. Yuck!

    And Twilight AGAIN?! teehee

  8. Welcome back…you were missed! :)

  9. I am NOT disappointed in you for your lack of blogging…and I am Not glad you are back to health. I do Not feel bad that you have so much work, and I am NOT surprised that you saw Twilight yet again.

    Glad you are back…we will have to wait another month before you BLOG? Now I don’t have much to say or blog about. You must show me pictures of this furniture that you got for Karys.

  10. well my goodness! its about time!!! I love these ‘not me’ posts! well, I’m pretty happy with my wii age, however – I am STILL sore from it!!! but I want one so bad! I hope you dont leave us hanging for another month!!!

  11. And the Wii was NOT for you, it was for Tim right? HAHA

  12. HeLLO there Busy Lady!!! Glad to (not? LOL) have you back!!

  13. Wii FIt told me I was 38 so dont feel bad! Its depressing but they obviously dont know what they are talking about!
    Glad your back!

  14. did you get a new header?

  15. You have NOT been busy have you :)

    I think the Wii fit age is a crock , one day i got 50 and the next 22 . Changes so much all the time

  16. Well, I’m 42 if that makes you feel any better. I hate that damn game.

  17. Awesome blog here! I am now a follower :) ♥ Hugs!

  18. Well you were missed but I totally feel ya. It is SO easy to neglect the old blog when life is so BUSY!

  19. Wow, you’ve been so busy!

    I am so jealous you got a Wii Fit…that is at the top of my wishlist :)

    PS–I bet my determined age would be much older than 39 hehe :)

  20. We’ve missed ya!

    I’ve heard so much about Wii fit, but I don’t even have a Wii yet. I guess I need to get with the times!!!!

  21. Woot! You’re back :)

    That custody battle thing? Ugh. How horrible for you and for the child(ren).

    I am addicted to Wii Fit! My age is 34. Not real impressed with that given I’m only 30, but whatever.

    Don’t be gone too long this time!!


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