My Husband’s Future

…is a kitchen full of baked goods!
See this beautiful guy?

Oh how I wanted this little guy for Christmas. But at the lovely list price of $300, that was just not going to happen.

Then, while walking through Bed, Bath & Beyond Saturday, Tim was grabbing a curtain rod for Karys’ new room when I happened to look over and see a Kitchen Aid box buried in the clearance section. Thinking there was no way it was a mixer, I was still curious and made my way over to check it out. Not only was it my mixer, but it was as marked down $100!

Do you want to know why it was marked down? Are you ready for this….the packaging was missing!

I tell Tim we don’t need to spend the money, but what does my wonderful and amazing husband do? He insists I must have it and that we cannot pass up this deal. So he runs home (we are literally 3 minutes from the mall) while Karys and I go shoe shopping, grabs a 20% off coupon and rushes back to purchase my mixer.

That’s right folks! I got this beautiful guy for HALF OFF the regular list price! I am still squealing with glee!

And now do you know what is sitting in my kitchen at the moment?

That would be 68 chocolate chip cookies and a tray full of chocolate brownies! All from scratch I might add! Oh my…

Hopefully this only affects my husband’s waistline and not my own!
My giveaway is open until Saturday, Jan 31st. Don’t forget to leave a comment here to win one of the wonderful kits!


  1. What an awesome deal! I just made brownies with andes mint last night from scratch. YUM! And…ahem, it will affect your waistline if you get carried away! ;oD

    Have fun with that, it’s really nice!

  2. So fun! You gotta love a good mixer! If you have any great recipes you’d like to share, I’d be very interested!

  3. What is going on?? Where are my baked goods?! Don’t taunt the pregnant lady! HaHa! You know I’m not kidding though :)
    I was going to bake a king cake next week…so it looks like we can have a bake off!

  4. I think that I might actually have just turned green with envy.
    Yep, there’s a definite green tinge under the freckles!

    WOWZA! that is an awesome deal, Stephanie! Congratulations!!!

  5. What a great deal!

    And, oh, I sooooo need one of those. My hand mixer is so cheap and works awful.

    KitchenAid people do you hear me?

  6. See I’d like one, but then I’d have to actually USE it. And, I dunno about that.

  7. I would be more than happy to partake of any goodies coming from new mixer. To help your waistline, anything for a friend!

  8. I noticed this morning that our cookie supply is running low and I would hate for that new mixer to just sit there… 😉

  9. I absolutely LOVE mine…especially during holiday baking season!
    And I might say that a chocolate brownine with ice cream on top sounds delish! (even at 9 in the morning!)

    Good bargain shopping!

  10. See now, if I had something like that…I’d have to use it;P

  11. Wow..what a great deal!! I cant beleive that you got it so cheap!! have me wanted cookies at 9:30 in the morning…THANKS! lol

  12. That is AWESOME!!! What a deal!

  13. I am so drooling over that mixer! I lovely long for one and have not stooped to buy one because of COST! What a GRAND DEAL YOU GOT! YOU are my hero! That Rocks!

  14. I’m glad you got this – the cookies and brownies were delish!!!

  15. that’s insane and awesome all at the same time!! yay for you :)

    and yay for all the sweet treats!!

  16. That is bargain shopping at its finest. I request pics of your cookies galore :)

  17. My parents gave me one for Christmas a few years ago. I had no idea how much I would use it. There are very few days that go by it doesn’t get used. I don’t just use it for baking, I use it for mixing up potato casserole, chicken tostadas….the list goes on and on. You will love it!
    The price? Definitely not to be passed up. Way to go Tim!

  18. Be CAREFUL…warning, warning, it WILL affect your waistline! LOL Not only do I love using my Kitchen Aid Mixer…but so does my HUBBY!! LOL He’s not usually a baker but he’s made a couple of yummy treats including from scratch carrot cake in it! It’s addicting! (the mixer, I mean LOL)

  19. YAY!!!! I am soo excited for you! (Mine was definitely the best Christmas present of all time.)

  20. That is one heck of a deal! Way to go! That is definitely a must have for any kitchen, so I MUST HAVE ONE next Christmas. :)

  21. I LOVE my mix master although I must warn you it can be hazardous to your waistline !

  22. Oh…I’m so jealous!!! I have always wanted one of those!! Guess what?? I finally started the Twilight series :) I’m on book 3!!

  23. Oh, you lucky girl! I just love it when things happen like that!!!

  24. I got my Kitchen-Aid mixer on clearance, too. At Lowe’s…because it was the floor model. It is red, and not pink like I wanted but it was $120. And since it didn’t have all the attachments I wanted, I walked around Lowe’s to the other floor samples and got all the attachments it was supposed to have!! Yes, Lowe’s approved. However, since I am single I have nobody to bake for…I need a blind date, Steph, can you tell?

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