Twist On The Meme

I think I’ve mentioned before that I don’t really participate in the meme’s anymore. I feel like I’ve pretty much answered every question I can about myself in some way or another.

However, Krystyn tagged me here last week in a little meme that had a spin on it. Her tag to me was actually to my husband, who is supposed to list 16 facts about me. Of course I was pretty curious to see what he would come up with.

Here’s what he had to say…

1. You still call your mom when you are sick…even though you are 28 and married!

2. Your ideal vacation is the exact opposite of backpacking in the mountains
If he could pick anywhere to be, it would be the mountains. Stick me on the beach, put a pretty drink in my hand and I’m in Heaven. Put me in the mountains and try to give me a backpack or go camping….well, you don’t want to go there.

3. Your brown eyes really are prettier than your blue eyes, even if you don’t want to accept it

4. Being chased terrifies you
He likes to chase me around the house. In broad daylight. Something about this terrifies me heck out of me. I hate it and get all worked up.

5. You have blog friends that you also now hang out with in person, which is really weird to me.

6. Every time we wrestle, you get hurt. Even if you start it and I don’t fight back :)

7. You have seen Twilight 6 times. And if you had the chance to see it again right now, you would!
So I’m in love with a vampire – what’s so weird about that?

8. You have a love/hate relationshp with Brinks. You love how he takes care of you when you are sick but hate when he licks you.
To clarify, Brinks is our German Shepherd. Huge tongue! Ick!

9. You made more money than me in 2008! (And I am not complaining!)
That’s because my job is awesome and yours doesn’t pay you enough!

10. Sometimes you still operate in this alternate reality called Stephanie-Land
But it’s such a pretty happy place…

11. Shopping is your achilles heel
There’s nothing a fabulous pair of new shoes can’t cure!

12. Pregnancy and motherhood actually calmed you down.

13. When you want to get something accomplished, your single minded zeal amazes me.

14. You are the most amazing mother to our little girl and the perfect wife to me

15. You can’t relax until the kitchen is clean
You have no idea how true this is. Everything has to be in it’s place and then I can rest easy.

16. You finally uncovered the latent Italian cooking gene that I always knew you had!
Yeah, I’m not sure what’s going on with that lately myself…

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  1. Seriously…we have so much more in common now (well, except the shoe thing).

    When we wrestle…I ALWAYS get hurt.

    12 is soooo true…and even calmer with the second.

    And, I don’t have an Italin cooking gene…but I’m getting really adventurous. Heck, I made wonton soup last night!

    Thanks for asking Tim…Matt still hasn’t gotten back to me!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I agree with #3! You must have gotten #4 from your mother. And I understand #8…I hate licking dogs!

  3. #10-doesn’t he know that he lives in that reality? His life is ruled & lovingly guided by the governing authority of Stephanie-land. He is fortunate that you have created such a happy place.

  4. Danielle – THAT is our little secret! Shhhhhh!

  5. #16–It’s the mixer!!!! ;oD

  6. A meme from a your husbands perspective is a great idea!

    I love #10!

  7. Cool meme:) I have no idea what my Husband would say…

  8. I’m afraid of what my husband would say!!
    So is it weird that you see Twilight with the bloggers you hang out with in real life? :-)

  9. It’s always fun to hear what your other half knows about you!

  10. my favorite part of this meme – your little side comments. i would totally do the same thing!!

  11. LOL my husband can totally relate tot he number 5 one, about meetig bloggers… he does not get it at all.

  12. Oh that was a hoot! I can’t imagine what mine would respond with (meaning he wouldn’t)! :)

  13. yeah, I think you are such a baby for #1!!! haha

    Thanks for participating Tim!!! and all so true!!!

  14. WOW, nice to see you through someone else’s eyes. Very cute MEME…I doubt you have told us EVERYTHING you can in these.

    I too usually get hurt in play fight matches…grrr! I think I fear using my full strength on others. lol

  15. Oh, Stephanie that is the cutest meme EVER.

    I love that you can’t relax until the kitchen is clean. Me neither! AND what I loved most is that he said motherhood calmed you. THAT is exactly what my DH would have said.

    SO sweet. Give him a hug tonight!

  16. So, does he totally get you???

    “Pregnancy and motherhood actually calmed you down.” My husband says that ALL the time.

    I just wonder what kind of wild woman I was pre-J!?!

  17. I am totally agreeing with Amy. Is he still mad that we met – since I introduced you to Edward? Also, I’m 100% with you on the vacation. I hate outdoors, unless it’s on a beach with a sissy girl drink.

  18. What a cool list! I don’t have any idea what my husband would come up with.

    Did you have big brothers who chased you or something? Mine did and I hated it.

  19. How did I miss this little gem?
    Love. it.
    I love that your husband knows you so well.
    So. sweet.
    I may have to steal *ahem* borrow this idea.

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