Back In My Running Shoes

I’ve been saying I was going to start running again for almost 6 months now. And there has always been some “excuse” why I didn’t do it.

I needed motivation.

So, I thought if I put on my adorable pink running shoes and my running pants (because they are pretty fashionable), that it would be the exact motivation I was looking for. Right?

Turns out, those pretty fashionable pants? I could barely get them over my rear!

So I’m thinking that now I get to run looking like a little sausage. Then I remembered I had the cute matching jacket to go with my cute running pants.

I’m not even going to go into how that jacket must have shrunk a few inches.

But I’m thinking that was enough motivation for me. Who cannot fit into their running pants for crying out loud?

So I dusted off the jogging stroller, charged up my iPod and off I went.

I’m not going to lie, it was not pretty. I hadn’t run in 15 months.

But the important thing was that I did it. Not that I felt like I was going to pass out.

And last night? I did it again. Only this time I went alone and I realized not only was it much easier to run alone, but much more peaceful.

I have pretty high hopes that I can make this a habit again. That I will start to like to run. That my body will not cramp in the oddest places. That one day soon my pants won’t feel like they are squeezing the life out of me so that I can be brave enough to run when it’s still light outside.

This is part of my resolution to move more. And oddly enough, when I am actually running, I find myself wanting to eat better. That’s not a bad side effect!


  1. Good luck. I know you can do it.

    Now, I just need to find my mojo and the time, too!

  2. Ok, I cracked up that you called yourself a running sausage! haha – I’m sure its not that bad! but great job!!! I need to get more motivated too :( I’m proud of you!

  3. Good Luck!!! I agree with the type of motivation. I cannot tell you how many pairs of size ten jeans I have and will not get rid of. Time to get a cracking!!

  4. a little sausage..girl..I’m dying over here!!!
    I’m sure it wasnt that bad, but CONGRATS! Its all about making it a habit and getting into the routine!
    I need to get my butt out there too. I have a feeling my jogging pants have shrunk too 😉
    Good for you!!

  5. Good Luck! It sounds like you are off to a great start!

    I am trying to become a runner too, but I have really been slacking in that department.

  6. Cracking up at the sausage description! I’m sure you looked quite adorable.

    I too need to get motivated to start exercising. Once I begin running, I always feel better about myself. But like you said, it is a matter of getting motivated to do so.

  7. I have been running again too. I think the best workout I have had was wearing heels all day at work (I am a teacher) then going running…..definitely felt the leg muscles!!

  8. Go you!

  9. yay for you!!

    can you run for me too? i don’t do running. i wish i did. but i don’t.

  10. Good for you!!! Tell Tim to stop putting your running clothes in the dryer! 😉

    I bought new running shoes AND new running shorts this weekend. I have yet to use them, but they sure are cute!

  11. Good for you, Steph!!! I just joined a gym and I LOVE it! I also bought Jillian Michael’s 30 day Shred (from the biggest loser) and it will whip you into shape!!! I did it last friday and I’m STILL sore. I know now why those people lose 20 pounds in a week! I would too if I did what they’re doing! Now if I could just go away for a week to get that done…

  12. Yeah for you running chica. That is awesome that you found your motivation. You can def use your running time as personal time to just clear your head and enjoy the outdoors.
    Keep it up!!!!

  13. Good Luck!! :) I am SO not a runner. I do need to do something, though. My body is certainly not the same as before baby Jake! Grrr. I guess I’ll have to work to get the rest off! :-)
    Keep us updated on your progress and congrats on getting back to running!

  14. Yay for you! I miss my running I have run some since I found out I was pregnant but not like I used to as a matter of fact I am so ready to get back into running that I signed up for the Disney half marathon in Jan ’10 crazy I know. Good luck to you and keep it up

  15. Oh that is awesome and I truly bow down Stephanie. Lord knows I need to get on a running schedule as SOON as the twins are born – I get the sausage comment all too well! :)

  16. Good for YOU! I could never get into running…so I give oodles of credit to the people that do it. And LOVE it!

  17. Good luck! I’m trying to stay motivated myself. I was working out like crazy for a couple weeks then my knees started hurting so bad I had to get x-rays to make sure I didn’t tear something. I haven’t ran in like 2 weeks now and I need to. I gained 10 lbs in the last year!! yuck

  18. Good for you! As hard as it was, I bet it also felt really good.

  19. That’s great.!! Wanna to see your adorable pink running shoes.

  20. YAY!!! Great for you!! Starting running is hard. Hard hard. But the pay off is worth it! Keep it up, you will love how you look shortly! :)

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