Just Do The Flip

My darling husband bought me a new FlipHD this weekend (and I’m sure it was only because he loves me so much and just really wanted to buy it for me and that it had nothing to do with the fact that I’ve been begging and pleading and had a really great argument to buy it that very night…).

Anyhow, what better time to break it out than at the zoo on Saturday?

I probably should have practiced with it a bit beforehand, as my first video is quite literally of a giraffe’s ummm…backside, because I simply cannot see and do not know what I am aiming at. You can also hear my conversation with Danielle as she tries to explain to me that I do, in fact, have zoom.

So what do I do? Zoom in closer to the backside of course!

In my defense, it was quite sunny out and therefore I had no idea what this video looked like until this morning when I uploaded it.

I do not see a career in videography in my near future…


  1. Okay, I just can’t get past the short sleeves, palm trees, and sunny weather! Forget the Flip, I want the warm weather! 😉

    Congrats on your cool gift!

  2. That is hilarious! It seems you figured it out a little later:)

  3. That is too funny. My husband would love if I had that argument with him. He’s been trying to convince me we should get it for ages now.

  4. Tim…you are just too good!!
    That video is too funny…looks like you figured it out from the ones on the family blog! :)
    Wasnt the weather great this weekend!?!?!

  5. So? What do you think of Confessions? And, you are better with your Flip than I am. I need some serious help.

  6. Now I know that you have a “secret” obsession with giraffe A$$. lol

    You are quite the silly one for sure. You sure know how to push Tim’s Buttons when you have Wants/Needs don’t cha!

    WAY TO GO SD! Seems like you all had a great time.

  7. 1-that rearend was not the highlight of the zoo trip, I would like to note.
    2-there is one button:to rec and stop; and 2 arrows:zoom in or out. On the whole thing! I guess Tim has less buttons.

  8. HAHA Thats hilarious! Now I want one!!! its so cute and little!!

  9. haha! Very nice…

    So how are cake classes going??

  10. I love the Flip, isn’t it awesome? But I admit, I had the same issue not realizing at first how to zoom! LOL

  11. Cool toy!

  12. Looks like fun!

    I can not get over how sunny it is there. It seems like months since we’ve seen in the sun in Ohio. :(

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