Going Back Again?

I was cleaning out my desk the other day and I found all my old journals from elementary, junior high, high school and college. And I remembered how much I used to love to write. I literally wrote all the time. Actually, I was always much better with written words than I was at speaking them when I would want to get a certain point across.

While I was flipping through the journals, there were many times that I had referenced notes from friends and boys that I liked at the time. And I got all nostalgic. I used to love getting notes in the hallway. I loved writing notes in class while pretending to listen to the teachers. I remembered all the clever ways to fold a note that my girlfriends and I would do for each other.

And so then I realized that I still have a great love of pen and paper. I still prefer to jot things down by hand rather than type them out.

And, call me old fashioned, but I still prefer a handwritten note to an email.

As for the journals, I think I stopped sometime after I got engaged. I don’t know why I stopped though. I miss it. I was in the bookstore this past weekend and I was browsing through the different journals. I really wanted to take one home. But I didn’t want to buy it if I wasn’t committed to actually writing in it. I just feel a journal should not be wasted like that.

Also because I’ve always considered a journal a private matter. No one has ever read through my journals but me. And I’ve never read through anyone elses. If my daughter ever keeps a journal when she is older, I will not read it. I’d be too embarrased having someone read mine or reading someone elses. Heck, I’m embarrased reading through some of my old stuff as it is! Talk about being dramatic (Val – you can attest to this!). And honstly, being married, my life isn’t very private anymore.

However, for me, writing has always been a form of therapy. To be fair, while my blog posts are not much in the way of serious material, I can’t be completely blunt on it either. Because I know that if this were private and it was only myself reading it, my posts would be drafted quite a bit differently.

So for now, I guess I’m toying around the idea of having a journal again. And I’m kind of liking the odds.


  1. I was a journal writer too!
    I still have a love for pen and paper.
    I prefer a handwritten note to an email any day.
    I think you should do it.
    It will be a great treasure for your children one day…that is as long as you don’t share EVERYTHING!!!;)

  2. I think it’s a great idea if it’s what you love. You had to do what makes you happy.

    Me….not so into writing. I would much rather just shoot an email. Of course, I would much rather receive a written note:)

    Oh, and thanks for the One, Two Tie my shoe.

  3. I still keep a journal. I’ve kept once since I went away to college. I couldn’t keep one growing up because my mom did not share your feelings about privacy. I sometimes go on a vacation from writing in my journal-BUT I always go back to it.

    It’s funny that you were reading through some of your old journals this last week-I did the same thing.

  4. I was thinking about how we used to write letters too. I would spend all class period writing a letter to my friend–there was lots to say & space that needed to be decorated. Did you ever write a letter and use a different color for each word? It was artwork!! The kids in my class NEVER write letters–they text!! I can’t think of a time in all my 12 years of teaching that I have ever taken up a letter. I have taken up a phone & read the texts….they were embarrassing!! These kids are VERY bold…..we would NEVER say things like that to each other!!

    I love to write letters, but I love to receive them even more. I have started several journals, but they only have a few entries. I do better when I write down what I eat in my Weight Watcher’s journal!!

  5. i have not stopped since elementary school. it is my constant. bc like you, the blog isn’t that space for me. the ups, the downs, the highs and lows – all saved for ever and ever. just for me.

    go get the new journal friend. you won’t regret it.

  6. I found my journals a couple months ago, and I will never let anyone read them either! It’s crazy all the little stuff that happened that I forgot about! They are fun – I would love to continue to write in one, but I honestly dont think I would have the time! and you – dramatic?? who would have guessed?!?! :)

  7. What about writing fiction? Ever tried that? I know this one gal who is writing and would love to have a kindred spirit…;oD

  8. I have kept journals off and on. It scares me to go back and read them…makes me think I’m crazy:P

  9. Kudos to you for stating that you would not read your daugthers journal if she kept one. My mother read mine all of the time, and questioned me about everything in there, and so I never kept one. I loved writting, and it hurt so much when my mother read them. I wasn’t a bad kid to where she had to read to find out what was going on with her daughter. She was just nosey. This is one of the things that I have yet to forgive her for seems small but that is how my entire teenager years were with my mother. She kept me from becoming something else, I had to hide all of my emotions and thoughts in my head so no one could read them, and trust me… that brought issues.

  10. I understand what you mean about writing as a form of therapy. When my husband and I have something important to discuss we always resort to writing notes to each other…that way we can say waht we want and not be interrupted and loose track of our thoughts.

    I used to have my “important” notes from friends in a box and it is so funny to read them and all the drama that went on back in the day.

    A journal is a good idea. You should do it!

  11. You should totally do it! I always wanted to keep a journal, but everytime I started, I would only write for a couple days. Every once in a while, I think about trying it again..

  12. I have journaled since 3rd grade! I re-read all my journals sometimes and it makes me feel good to see how much I’ve grown (mentally, emotionally, etc)! And to see how far I’ve come in my life. I still journal now but it’s very sporadic and not often at all, since life does get in the way a bit. But I still keep my journal and pen in my nightstand drawer and Big D knows to NEVER read it, becuz it’s private. :-) I HAVE re-read him passages from my older books but usually it’s cuz we want a laugh. I, too, was SUPER melodramatic. LOL

    I say, go buy that journal and get to writing missy!!

  13. Dramatic is an understatement!!! LOL!!!

  14. I too loved to write. I think my blog has now become my journal in a very public way though. If my daughter ever kept a journal I would not read it either. She would never trust me again if she found out I snooped.

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