Profanity 101: Encore Love Style

For lack of something else to do this past weekend, my husband and I were watching Far & Away (yes, Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman circa 1992) on the Encore Love channel.

We didn’t even notice the word.

But apparently our child did.

And so she just looked over at my husband in a very matter-of-fact manner and says “Dammit Daddy”.


Neither of us answered because we were trying to figure out if that was really what just came out of her mouth. Surely not. Not my angel.

She must think we’re ignorant at this point since we are doing nothing but staring at her. So she says it to him again, more forceful.

“Dammit Daddy”

You have GOT to be kidding me. Of all the lines in the movie, she takes this one word and picks it out? I was under the assumption you did not have to censor shows for kids until they were at least 3 years old.

Apparently not.

Lesson learned.

Note: She has not said it since then. We distracted her and she forgot her “fun new word” altogether. But who knew you had to censor a love story?


  1. Oh, no. Not sweet Karys. Hopefully, she’s forgotten all about it.

    And, if she hasn’t, you’ll hear about it today when you pick her up:)

  2. Oh that is too funny!
    Hopefully she forgot all about it!!
    Oh yes, I have to be so careful..between commercials, radio, and tv, I’ve always got to be safe! You dont realize the things that are said!!

  3. hahahaha – I wouldnt have known what to do! and its funny she said it to Tim! haha – well at least she forgot about it!

  4. They ALWAYS pick up the worst possible phrase. Why is that? 😉

  5. So funny! I remember the first time Carter said dammit…I let it slip when I spilled something in the car…then to hear that word out of my sweet little boy’s mouth was just so heartbreaking…thankfully he forgot all about that word after about 5 minutes.

  6. Hahaha! I can’t imagine that coming out of her sweet little mouth!

  7. You have to sensor everything these days. THe previews they show in the middle of the day on TBS during kid shows sometimes use clips from primtime shows and bad words, etc. Makes me fume! If my kids are going to cuss, they are going to come by it honestly! Like overhearing MOM!


  8. Oh but of COURSE! That’s just a hoot (for me of course) and it was bound to happen!

    Hope all is well Steph.

  9. totally not laughing.

    but to make you feel slightly better – one of beans favorite words – crap :)

  10. Oh yes. You have to watch everything all the time with them. We try to keep our viewings at a PG level anyway, but sometimes you just don’t realize what they’re going to pick up. YIKES! Making a big deal of it is an even bigger mistake, so you did the right thing by distracting her.

  11. My, my! What will be lovely, VERY SMART little granddaughter say next? You all are better than me, cause I would have busted out laughing! But that’s what Gigi’s do!!! xoxoxo

  12. That cracked me up! At least she doesn’t know what it means…my 13 and 14 year olds don’t know their birthday (SERIOUSLY!) but they will say the most hurtful mean things without even thinking. Good for you and Tim and positive distractions!

  13. That is HILARIOUS! We are in that stage of repeating right now too.

    Why do they pick up/repeat the bad things??

    Too funny!

  14. Ignore it if she says it again. We had the same word pop out about the same age. He’s unlearned it by now.

  15. I should have warned you!
    Example: My 4 yo watched Kung Fu Panda.
    The only line he retained from the entire movie?
    Oh, My Tenders!!!

    Too. funny!

  16. How funny, well not funny! Kids say the darnest things… My boys have done that before but not Justin-Thank Gosh! Hopefully she won’t say it again :)

    Melissa Roberts

  17. Yep, I made the mistake of letting damn it slip out in front of The Little Man. Now he runs around yelling “damn it!”

  18. Oh that is TOO funny! Hopefully she has already forgotten the word. 😉

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