Spring Fever

The weather is getting warmer. We’ve had a few blooms on our flowers. I can feel Spring in the air. It’s almost pedicure season. My toes are just itching to come out and play.

I’m convinced I need these to celebrate the coming of the season. They are bright. They are fun. They are sexy. And they are PINK!

Now I just have to justify to the husband on why I need to spend $150 on a pair of shoes. Danielle and I have come up with a couple of good reasons that I absolutely need these.
*I feel it is my duty to help stimulate the economy. I’m extremely Patriotic you know.
*I don’t have a pair of strappy pink shoes.
*Because I work so that I can indulge every once in awhile.
*It’s an investment. A good pair of shoes will last years!
*My wardrobe is 99% black so I can wear it with any outfit.
*I have not bought shoes in ages.

Seriously? With reasons like this, I’d let myself buy them…


  1. Ohhhh, they are so cute! I always use the excuse “It’s WORK clothes, so I can spend a little extra on it.” Feel free to use that one. :)

  2. Oh, I love those (and you know I’m not a shoe girl). Tell your hubby that’s reason enough.

    Plus, every girl deserves to splurge on herself every once and a while.

    Maybe you can find a coupon or a sale?

  3. LOL! Those are beautiful shoes, too! I’d totally wear them with some pedicured toes!

  4. PRRR! Those shoes are HAWT! Heck I might even forgo a pair of flip flops for those bad boys!

  5. LOVE THEM!!! I think Tim should let you buy them too… those are some pretty convincing reasons!!!

  6. Wiping the drool from the screen…
    Love those shoes girl!
    You must have them!
    I think you will find a way to convince Tim!;)

  7. Ooooh those are fabulous!

  8. Super cute! I think you need them if that is a good reason to get them!

  9. Cute shoes! Your reasons convinced me that you need these shoes. I can’t wait for Spring!

  10. Those all sound like PERFECTLY logical reasons to me. I hope hubby is in agreement! LOL Cute shoes!!

  11. You go for it girlie!!! Those are super cute and sassy

  12. Very cute shoes. I wish I can wear heels like that now. Wear them while you can girl!!!

    I feel a sense of deju vu though, with some summer shoes from last year LOLOLOL

  13. that was pretty good.

    I’d buy em for you… as long as I could borrow them. VERY cute!

  14. Totally HOT shoes. How could the Hubby say no to those…and with all of those great reasonings. COME ON, haha. One word describes them perfectly….FABULOUS :)

  15. LOVE EM!!! What great reasons too!! lol You are too funny!!!

  16. I LOVE those shoes. If you don’t get them, I just might :)

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