My Confessions

Thursday 13:
Why Becky Bloomwood Is My Alter Ego

1. I am addicted to shopping
2. I can justify any purchase
3. I cannot pass up a good deal
4. An ideal date includes a *tiny* shopping spree
5. My purchases have gotten me in debt in the past
6. I am convinced everything will work out perfectly in the end
7. The cute, smart guy fell for me too
8. All purchases are “needs”, not “wants”
9. I sometimes tend to go overboard
10. Shopping makes me feel better
11. I’m always in the mood to shop
12. I still hide my credit card bills at work. *see below
13. And I still don’t open them. *see below

Looking forward to seeing this movie with you and you on Saturday!


  1. Ahhh becky..I mean Stephanie! I can totally see that!
    I have about 1/4 of the book left!
    Ok girls…I’m going to be out of town this weekend, but the next movie, I am joining you!! (yes I just invited myself!!)
    Hope you girls have a great time!
    Let me know how it goes!!

  2. So funny! I feel that I may be addicted to shopping too…I am trying to be a good girl this year, but it is SO HARD! Shopping makes me feel good and getting a great bargain is even a better feeling!

    Great post!

  3. Okay, I’m raiding your bookshelf in April. I’ve got the new Stephenie Meyer book, The Host, and I just haven’t wanted to start it for fear of disappointment.

    And, yes, you might have a small shopping problem. You really hide your receipts?

  4. Umm… we are SOOOO much alike in this aspect!! I too, can relate to all of the following except #7. Well, I guess I’ve had a couple of #7s but none of which were lasting, good for me, or worth while. Why I enjoy both this series and Hes Just Not That Into You

  5. can’t wait to hear how the movie is! have fun :)

  6. Dear gussy, I must NOT read these books! ;oD

  7. haha – yep, that sounds about right!!! I might have to read this inbetween my HP novles…

  8. When married, hiding the “shopping” credit card is a must do, haha. Too funny chica.

  9. Hey glad you liked my blog! I too am a shopaholic. Although I am also a bargain shopper so that way I can buy more! haha

  10. I meant to see it last weekend…got sick:p Perhaps this weekend;)

  11. I have a secret credit card, and my bills go to work also. I tend to shop and sneak it into the house while the hubby is still at work, and hide whatever I bought in the closet like it has always been there. I am sure that the hubby has caught on… but he tends to stay quiet LOL

  12. Girl I like your sense of retail therapy!

  13. I agree do almost all of them, I just always opened my bills. I don’t know why. Now I don’t use credit cards, but I sure do still shop!

  14. HeeHee! You know I am very curious to see what Becky would do in Target. I bet she couldn’t rival me 😉
    See you Saturday!!

  15. Awesome! a girl with debt and the bills stay at work!! I have to follow this blog! please make some posts about your debt!! I’m curious LOL


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