Taking It In Stride

The worst part about my job?

Working with women. And by women, I mean certain types of women who make working become tiresome and petty. Women who, for reasons unknown, like to cause trouble or add turmoil to situations. I’ve had enough of trying to be nice. I’ve had enough of going out of my way to be polite. I honestly don’t care if these women like me or not. Whatever makes them happy. But when it starts interfering with my work? That’s when I get annoyed. Because I love my job and won’t let anyone ruin it for me. But you know what? All it does now is make me laugh. I can’t help it. And when you think about it, I mean really, how happy can you be if you try to make someone else so miserable? So I will pity them as well. Kudos to me for being more mature.

But, the best part about my job?

My boss. Who doesn’t care if I leave mid-day during a particular mentally exhausting mess and let’s me catch an afternoon of stress relief.

Here is my stress relief…
*And yes, that’s with extra caramel. And I do not feel guilty in the least!


  1. Women…ahh…bitches!! lol
    Glad you got a little relief..I cant think of anything better than a book and extra caramel..you go girl!!!
    I’m reading Conf of a Shopaholic now..very good!! I know I’m a littl behind! lol

  2. This is one of the perks of a classroom…I don’t see any of those fabulous women all day if I don’t want to.

    Sorry your day was so sucky! I hope tomorrow is better and you enjoyed your stress relief.

  3. That is great! Let us know how your book is…I want to read them all! Your Starbucks looks yummy!

  4. Working with women can be a nightmare, especially if it’s a corporate job. I thought education would be different but it’s not. Your boss let’s you leave early for mental health afternoons…are the hiring?!?!?! I seriously almost quit yesterday and today. I can’t take it!!!!

  5. Sorry honey to hear you had a bad day, and YES woman can be so petty, especially when they are so unhappy with thier own life…the saying is so true, misery loves company.

  6. yay for you and yay for your wonderful boss!!

    such a delish stress reliever!

  7. I worked in an office of all women for a long time, and it really could be tough. Women can be crazy.
    Glad you were able to get out and destress for a bit. :)

  8. Ay ti ti….women! 😉 I definitely do not envy you for having to work with them, but big props to you for being the mature one. Feel free to stick out your tongue and roll your eyes behind their backs every once in a while though. :)

  9. Nice to be able to get away! Hope your day improved. I just got home from Hes Just Not That Into You. Loved it! And I started reading Confessions of a Shopoholic today. I have the series and need to get my butt in gear!!

  10. Now why cant we all have that mentality? You are so right….we have to laugh about it. If we let petty abnoxious women get to us…they have totally won and that is unacceptable, haha. So I will def take your “maturity” and use that for myself. Besides, I think when people are rude and we respond with a smile and nice comment, thats a shell shocker for them and their reaction to that…totally worth it :)

  11. Nice to meet you, and thanks for your comment about my haircut! I’m still getting used to it :) Your family is adorable!

    As far as working with women, I am SO with you. But you are extremely lucky to have such a nice boss–I would love to work for someone who is so understanding! :)

  12. Women can be so petty!!! That’s cool your boss recognizes this and allows you time to cool down.

    Hang in there!

  13. What kind of drink is that???
    just curious cause I love starbucks and am always trying new things.

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