Name Calling

With a name like Stephanie, I have had my fair share of nicknames in the past. From the obvious, “Steph” or “Stephy”, to the childish playground ones, “Step-On-Me”.

I’ve always had sort of a strange view of nicknames. I’ve thought about this many times in the past and I always notice that the people who use a nickname for me, typically “Steph”, are the ones who I’ve been closest to.

And likewise, the ones that I use nicknames for (if their names allow) are, in general, those that I consider to be better friends of mine.

I had one friend of mine that I basically grew up with since junior high school. She never used a nickname with me. Yet this was my best friend. And now? We no longer speak at all due to personal matters. Oddly enough, it always bothered me that she could never called me “Steph”. I have always remembered that. And no, I’m not suggesting that we aren’t friends because she called me “Stephanie”.

But then I have friends that I can’t always break down their names that I am still very close with like Jaime or Danielle. Because I’m very partial to girl names and I don’t want to call them “James” or “Dan”/”Danny”.

And then there is my daughter, Karys, who might never have a nickname other than her Uncle Joe’s “Care Bear”, as he dotingly calls her.

And then there are the easy nicknames like Steph, Rach, Ash, Val or Dee. You can’t get much more straight forward than that really.

Sorry for the rambles. I didn’t really have a point in this post other than that it popped in my head again today and I thought I’d share it.


  1. Oh, you guys aren’t talking any more? That’s sad!

    Nicknames are just funny! I don’t really have one. But, we’ve got an Izzy and a Nat!

    Even funnier…Matt’s mom named him Matthew because there wasn’t a nickname…WOOPS!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I call my friend Jamie…Jimes! LOL!
    ~Valerie (Val)

  3. oh Steph… see you can tell I’m close to ya :)

  4. Maybe Karys will pick up my nickname that my family calls me – Care, or Kare for her. :)

  5. I had a softball coach one season that insisted on calling me Danny…I hated it!

    My mom and hubby sometimes calls me Dans…I don’t really mind that one.

    I notice that I have shortened Carter’s name to Car sometimes…we have tons of little silly names we call him.

  6. I hear ya Steph 😉
    I’m usually Steph or Stephy. 2 little ones call me Steppie and Fifi (we tried to teach her Stephy and it came out Fifi! lol)
    I didnt think you could find nicknames for Landon, but he has Lando and Lan Man! Who knew!?!?!

  7. My nickname for you today is-“Random”. And every now and then you call me Nellie, but I think you prefer Danielle b/c it sounds more stern when you yell/lecture me!

  8. I share your name so this post could have been mine! Only, very few people called me anything other than Stephanie. My youngest will probably never see a nickname, either!

  9. i always wanted a nickname so in the 3rd grade when i went to meet my new teacher she asked if she could call me ‘mandy’ i was thrilled. so for the entire year i was ‘mandy’. but it never stuck. i don’t think i really ever was a ‘mandy’??

    as for beans she totally goes by her nickname. we only gave her the full name in honor of my grandma but we always knew we’d call her the nickname.

  10. OK I have never heard the Step on me one that is new! you know I waiver back and forth between liking Steph and Stephanie. My hubby is the only one that calls me Stefie

  11. I’m a Kellie. There’s Kel and well….that’s about it. For names I’ll answer to. A boy in middle school use to call me Kelly Belly. Oddly enough, that stopped when I tripped his ass on the playground 😉

    My daughter’s name is Morgan. I call her Morgie or Lulu (no clue where the Lulu came from). My FIL calls her “Morg” and that? Is like nails on a chalkboard to me. HATE that. My SIL is a Stephanie. She ONLY answers to Steph or, if Morgan’s calling her, Stephie.

    Look at that. I have NO point to my comment. Fantastic.


  12. I’ve always felt kind of left out because you can’t really shorten Erin any. I always wanted a nickname.

  13. ummm lurker here..
    Well obviously my name too is Stephanie and I find it SO STRANGE when people I meet for the first time say: Hey Steph! Especially when I introduce myself as Stephanie.
    I have a couple amazingly close friends and my mom who call me Stephy and I LOVE it.. but only by them!
    My daughters name is Ellison and we are trying our darndest to veto “Ellie”… I have a feeling it might not work.

  14. You can technically make a nickname out of anymore, some just take a little creativity. Maybe its that the people that take the time to come up with a secondary name (nickname) have shown that they put consideration and thought into it and wanted to make you more personable. I def have my fair share of names: Kimmie(y), Kimo, Kimbo, Kimbo Slice, Kim-Bob-Square-Pants, Kimbaroo, you name it, haha. Just makes it that much more fun.
    And I agree with Cara that Karys will most likely end up with Kar or continue on with Care Bear :) Both are very sweet!

  15. You’re silly with your ramblings.

    My nicknames are: Manda, AJ (Amanda Jayne), Manda Panda

    Jeremy’s are: JJ (Jeremy John) and then from his A&M Corps days there are Stone Cold and Mr Clean. :)))

    Jake’s nicknames: Jakey, Moose, Jakester, Tuck, JT, Jake the Snake, Big Jake. Haha..he’s been given plenty in his lil 8 week life!!

    Obviously we’re big on nicknames, or atleast our fam and friends are!

  16. Nicknames are fascinating. We tend to give people and animals more than we can remember in our family!

  17. LOLOL Want to have something to make you laugh? My last name in school was Gimpl. Pronounced the same as pimple, just spelt without the “e”. Now just sit back and imagine the names I have been called.. omg! And as being olive complextion, that made it worse, since I was the darkest one in elementary school. OMG kids are mean!

  18. I am all about nicknames. I don’t know why…maybe I’m lazy?

  19. I received my One, Two, Tie My Shoe. Thank you! I can’t wait to use it! Are you still working on Karys’ big girl room? I’m still trying to find cute things for Macy’s room…it’s hard!

  20. I am Pauline.

    I have never had a nickname. Ever. I kinda of missed out. ;(

  21. Some how missed this post before :)

    My sisters name is Stephanie and kids when she was younger use to always call her StephFANNY , she would always get so upset over it and even now hates her name (fwiw here in the UK fanny does not mean bum but the other area)

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