Out Of Their Mouths

For those of you who aren’t aware, I collect quotes. Especially funny ones that my family and friends say. I always try to make sure to write them down. Since I have quite a few saved up, I figured this could be my Thursday Thirteen this week. Can’t you see why I just love my family and friends? I’m constantly entertained!

13 Quotes/Conversations Between Family & Friends

1. A Conversation Between Friends…
#1: Dammit! Boss is bringing in lunch for everyone from Don Patron. Foiled!
#2: So??
#1: Other boss said she would take us tomorrow instead. My ass is going to turn into a tortilla! A big puffy tortilla!

2. “All I want is a few simple things in life, like a luxury car with the smart key and in white/beige. But no. That is asking too much. I must have been a mass murderer in my former life to deserve such an injustice in this one.” 09/22/08

3. “Since I am so frequently right about everything, I don’t have a tendency to rub it in often. That would get tiresome.” 09/22/08

4. “Most kids have toys when they are little, I had pet rocks.” 10/15/08

5. “It was so much easier to hide stuff when I had a real trunk, but the Explorer is all open – I had to find new hiding spots. He is a representation of our coupledom and I’m not going to be made a fool of because of his poor fashion choices.” 12/04/08

6. “Man this exam is going to be the most action I’ve gotten in quite a while…and of course it has to be from a girl…doctor!” 12/12/08

7. “I think I must have hit my head or something because it hurts SO bad.”
Said randomly by a family member of mine… 12/16/08

8. “What do you mean if he rejects me?? Why wouldn’t he want to be my friend? I have a gorgeous profile picture! I don’t care who you are, you don’t just go and reject a pretty girl. Even if it’s just curiosity.”
Being Completely Dumbfounded… Jan 2009

9. “My car died today. It was my fault. It didn’t have gas.” 02/05/09

10. “Actually, you know you and I have all the same things in life: a nice house, a nice car, a big dog, a baby (or one one the way in your case). I just have more shoes to show for it!”
Justifying my lifestyle to my BIL on my liking to spend money… 03-03-09

11. “I explained to him that being married to him was like dog years. We’re coming up on our 50th next year.” 03/05/09

12. “I just spilled diet coke on my big (pregnant) belly. It looks like my belly button is leaking! I don’t know why I wear white.” 03/05/09

13. A Conversation On Harry Potter…
Danielle: What is a Muggle?
Steph: Someone with no magical powers. Like you and me. Not a witch or wizard. Those are Muggles.
Danielle: Oh. Like you and me. I forget about all the magical creatures running around.


  1. Those are some good ones. I love that you write them down when they happen.

    I’m going to guess #9 is Rachel?

  2. The fact that you felt it necessary to explain that “you and me” didn’t have magical powers is what cracks me up. And the lack of a smart key still haunts me!

  3. Great quotes! It totally cracks me up that you write them down and date them!

  4. haha – cracking up!! And no, Kristin, #9 is not me… but I do have one on there… but not telling which one… and I am so dissapointed in Danielle for not knowing what a Muggle is… where have you been?!?!?!?!

  5. Hahaha! Number 3 sounds so much like my hubby it is ridiculous. Love it. :)

  6. Anonymous says:

    I just love these!!!! I’m glad that we can keep you entertained!

  7. i love that you do this!!

    i am sure your friends and fam do too!

  8. 3, 9 and 12 are the best. Love them :)

  9. Those are awesome! I still think its hilarious that you write them down and save them!!
    Thanks for hanging out with entertaining people! 😉

  10. These were classics (I’m a quote junkie myself). But my fave is definitely the pet rock one!

  11. I love the funny things friends say. These are great!

  12. Those are hysterical!
    I love that you collect those!! That’s fabulous!

  13. I’m feeling this one “I think I must have hit my head or something because it hurts SO bad.”

  14. Those are great!!!! I soooo understand 12 since I was pregnant for 3 years!!!!

  15. They are great, gave me a great lunch time laugh.

    Do you write them down as people say them? I would never remember them

  16. OMG, hilarious!!

  17. That’s so cool that you keep track of them! Some of my friends/family say the FUNNIEST things but I never would have thought to keep track, until now!

  18. Nice. I like the married in dog years. Awesome!

  19. soo funny – this makes me wish i lived closer to family so i could write down their quotes!
    the harry potter one might be my fave – so fun!

  20. Thanks for sharing.. i cant avoid to not smile/laugh reading your blog

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