Confidence Booster?

Since I found out I was pregnant, I started noticing celebrities that were pregnant at the same time as me.
And it seems there are currently FOUR “angels” pregnant at the same time.
This I’m sure is a confidence booster as I start to grow, no?

Maybe it’s just a pair of wings I’m missing that makes me unlike these girls? Ha!


  1. HAHAHAHAHA – hilarious! Go buy yourself some wings! The bigger the better! thats what Heidi say’s anyway :)

  2. Yup, that’s it. Go buy the sequined bra, too, just for good measure!

  3. I looked that way when I was pregnant, wings and all…not:P

  4. I am really sick of them taking my body and photoshopping these girls faces on it!
    This is getting ridiculous!!
    Go get you a sequined bra and wings girl…if nothing else, Tim will enjoy it! 😉

  5. You are already my angel hot stuff!! I love you!

  6. That is the only difference I can see too.

    Oh and the fact that you have an amazing hubby who leaves you sweet comments. Awwwwwww.

  7. Awww….Tim….what a good hubby.

    Maybe I need to get myself a pair of wings…and some sequin thongs. Yeah, that’ll do it!

  8. Tim- You are a smart, smart man. :)

    Hmm. Maybe I should try on a sequined bra and some wings right now. HAHAHAHAHAHAAHA!!!!!!!

  9. loved this post! so funny! hahaha! you’ll look so cute with a big baby belly again! :)

  10. Please tell me all of these pictures are from BEFORE they became pregnant?!

  11. Congrats again my friend! Yay for the new addition.

  12. I think if you smoosh about THREE Of those “angels” together…then you’d get…ME. LOL

  13. I am sure if you prance around in sequined wings, panties and a bra you will look and feel like a Vickie’s Angel!!!! It is a pretty neat coincidence. Flaunt it, girl!

  14. All 4 of those angels are seriously pregnant? Those are like VS’s best models. WOW!
    And congrats again chica. I am soooo very excited for you. Yeah for #2!

  15. It’s definitely the wings :)
    Loved this post…too funny!

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