My Heart…

This little girl is the reason for the permanent smile in my heart…


  1. What a beauty! Both of you! :)

    So glad to see you are back. :)

  2. Is that really you?
    Oh how I have missed you!
    That little girl of yours is
    Boo-ti-ful, just like her mama.

  3. Its so nice to have you back!! Even though I get you on f/b and the family blog, its nice to have you on here too!
    I still love those pics! She is just adorable!!

  4. honey she is getting sooo big!! and the curls?? sooo sweet!!

  5. Both of your are just so gorgeous!!!

  6. How can it not?

    Y’all both look great.

  7. I love her curly curls. :-) And such a sweet picture!

  8. Awww….cute pics!

  9. Beautiful!! Just like her Mama :)

  10. Hi! You left a comment a while back on my blog and I’m just now getting back to responding … pathetic I know! I love your blog! You crack me up. Congrats on your new addition as well! We just got our due date and it’s 2 days after you, March 9th! So fun! How have you been feeling? Is it just me or is pregnancy round 2 so different than #1?

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