Passion, Pasta and Pistols

The succulent aroma of home-cooked pasta is drifting from New York City’s most popular Italian eatery, La Speranza, but something else is heating up in the kitchen . . . cold-blooded murder! Restaurant-owner Pepi Roni has been shot in the back with his own pistol. Tonight his family and friends will gather to pay their respects to poor Pepi, but one of the guests won’t be shedding any tears…

Remembering our beloved Pepi Roni…
Welcome to La Sperenza!!
Dinner is about to be served…

Bo Jalais: Cousin of a cousin of Rocco’s, Bo manages the Scarfazzi vineyards. Bo comes from a long line of French wine-makers and no one knows ‘ze’ grape like Bo. An important man in the Scarfazzi organization …. what could Bo possibly have to whine about.
Angel Roni: Pepi and Rosa’s beautiful daughter. It was Pepi’s dream that his ‘Angel’ would marry a good Italian boy, have children and carry on the family traditions. Angel has a few fantasies of her own though and one of them is that hunk, Bo jalais. Mama-mia!


Mama Rosa: Pepi’s grieving widow. For 25 years, Mama Rosa cooked the pasta while Pepi greeted La Sperenza’s dinner guests. In all the years they were married, not once did they argue. Had something finally boiled over in Rosa’s kitchen?
Marco Roni: Pepi and Mama Rosa’s only son, Marco was expected to take over the restaurant after his parents retired. Marco hates waiting tables. His goal is to play on a World Cup soccer team but his papa has been keeping him permanently on the bench.
Rocco Scarfazzi: Pepi’s twin brother, a tough-talking no-nonsense Italian business man. In addition to his vineyards and real estate holdings, it is rumored Rocco is in the ‘laundering’ business. He had no love for his brother Pepi but his reasons are his own … capische?
Tara Misu: Rocco’s vivacious young fiancĂ©. She was just an upstairs maid in Rocco’s villa until she swept him off his feet. Now Tara keeps a smile on his face and a firm grip on Rocco’s assets. Tara is dressed to kill. She knows the effect she has on men and flaunts her charms shamelessly.
Father Al Fredo: An Italian priest and long-time family friend of the Roni’s and the Scarfazzi’s. The good priest has heard their confessions and knows their sins.
Clair Voyant: Rosa’s best friend and astrology advisor. Clair’s talents include an ability to communicate with the spirit world and see into the future.
The women of the evening…
The gentlemen of the evening…
Father Al Fredo on the solemn night
Dinner in Pepi’s honor…
Look how sad Angel Roni is!

Who dunnit? We cannot tell! But it was a night to remember and fun had by all the guests! Only 2 of the 8 guests correctly identified the murderer after 4 hours and 13-15 bottles of wine later.
Great Friends, Great Food, Great Fun!


  1. That looks like so much fun! And I’m sure a lot of WORK went into it! LOL

    Glad you are back in the bloggy world again. :-)

  2. What a fun evening! I have always wanted to do a Mystery Dinner. Looks like a blast!

  3. That looks like a blast. I love “Bo’s” shirt….cracks me up that it was half-way buttoned!

  4. honey that looks like sooooo much fun!! and 13-15 bottles?? you guys are awesome!!

  5. This wa so much fun!! I’m so glad you thought to do this!!! I think everyone had a blast!!! I can’t believe we went through that many bottles!!! hahahaha

  6. holy moly !!! are you sure it was that many bottles of wine!!?? wow! but it was def. a blast thanks for having us and hosting!!!!

  7. Ahahaha, this is seriously so darn cool. I love dinner murder mysteries. You totally get a gold star from me for this fun evening :)

  8. Wow! How fun! You and Rachel look fantatic. I wish I had style like y’all. Beautiful.

  9. How cool are you all? So fun!

  10. Wow..yall are too cute!!
    That looked like so much fun!
    Very creative!
    13-15 bottles..I bet there were some hangovers the next day! :)

  11. Looks like a great night, always wanted to go to one of them

  12. How fun! :)

  13. That sounds like so much fun!!!

  14. You are amazing! What a fun evening for friends.

  15. What a fun evening! I’ve always wanted to do one of these parties!

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