Time Consuming

Wondering what I’ve been doing the past few weeks?

I must warn you, it’s not very exciting.

And you will NOT be jealous.

Here is what I have been doing the past 13 out of 14 nights….with virtually no end in sight!

I’ve had a much harder time of it with Baby #2 than I ever did with Karys. Every night is a battle to keep down dinner and almost 100% of the time, I lose.

So, are you jealous? I didn’t think so.


  1. Oh no! Really? My pregnancies are just the opposite, except I am 5 months today and am still nauseous all day long. I hope you feel better soon. Praying for you friend

  2. Hope you get past this part soon :( I know its a miserable feeling :(

  3. Oh hon…I am so sorry. I hope these days are going to be over VERY soon! Cant wait to see you tonight..hope you can keep it down 😉

  4. Congrats on the new baby but not so much on being sick . I do hope it passes soon

  5. I sure hope it starts to let up. That doesn’t sound fun at all!

  6. I hope each day gets better than the last!

  7. You poor thing! I hope you are much less pukey soon! :)

  8. That sounds rough! Is it just at night time?

  9. Feel better soon Steph! I CAN’T wait to find out what you’re having!

  10. so very sorry friend :( no fun at all!! hoping the toilet dates come to an end very soon!

  11. I’m so sorry, friend. Maybe since you’re more sick this time it means it’s a BOY! Have you tried those wrist bands or lollipop things that are supposed to help with the nausea?

  12. BLEH…see I got the scoop in person. Good to see you, glad I walked ALL the way around the CORNER! I hope it gets better soon.

  13. Hope you are feeling better soon!

  14. Oh man, hang in there! Believe me, I know the feeling. Same with me, #2 is way worse. I hate to jinx myself but it’s already 8:37am and I have yet to puke once today. Maybe this is the start of the “getting better journey”. I just switched to Zofran and it’s the bomb, you should try it.

  15. So sorry steph! I never threw up with mine, and if i had (along with my fear of puking) one would have been enough. You’re officially sainted in my book!

  16. Thats me, but every morning . . with nothing but stomach acid to throw up. I am also due in March!

  17. I was the same way with baby #2. That’s how I knew it was a boy;)

  18. Ugh. You poor, poor girl :( Hope it passes REAL soon!!

  19. Soooo sorry hon! I hope you get to feeling better ASAP!!! Hang in there…

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