Which Team Are You?

I gotta say, after reading all the books and catching up on Season 2 of True Blood, I’m completely and utterly Team Eric. Which is generally not my taste – I rarely go for the blondes.
For now, I’ll just replace myself in Sookie’s little fantasies….yum!


  1. Well, being that I have only seen the first 2 episodes and have not read any of the books yet (they are next!), and I haven’t met Eric yet… I’m gonna go with Bill – because I already have a little crush on him :)

  2. Based off what I know with your post and your comment..I go with TEAM ERIC..I need to read these. I am finally reading Breaking Dawn..sad eh?!? I have had a crazy busy summer and not enough pool/beach days. I started it yesterday and I am almost half way through it. YAY ME!

  3. You know my thoughts on this but I will tell you again :) WHOA, ERIC! I’m so with you on replacing Sookie’s fantasies!

    And I WILL be starting book #1 asap. I’m so excited!

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