Domesticity 101

See this guy to my left? He was just adopted into our family and should arrive hopefully next week.
See, I want this new comforter for Karys. Only it’s $200 and even I have my limits on some things. So I’m determined to learn to make it myself.
My mom is going to give my sister and I lessons in the art of sewing. Soon we’ll be able to make all sorts of fun things! Just imagine how much money can be saved!
Not to mention every household needs a sewing machine. Obviously.
Oh, and did I mention that my sister and I bought the same exact sewing machine? Fun!!

This is going to be a fun new adventure!


  1. For some reason, every ‘fun exciting’ new thing we do ends up costing me a ton!! We need to go with something a little cheaper next time :) haha but I am SO looking forward to it!!!! And OF COURSE we had to get matching machines!!!!

  2. I agree every household should have a sewing machine. In my case, though, it would be one more thing for me to dust and it would never be used. I can’t sew for anything!

  3. Congrats!! I just bought one a month ago. A Brother, and it threads itself. It is awesome!!!

  4. Yay for you! Can’t wait to see your creations! :)

  5. I was jus telling someone recently that i wanted to learn how to sew! Please tell us how it goes, after your lessons! :-)

  6. Amazing! I can’t wait to see what creations you make! PS – can you please teach me how to sew?? I want to make cool things! :)

  7. YAY sweetie!
    I lOOOOVE my machine.
    I learned to sew about 3months ago and I’m making blankets and designs on shirts and all kinds of fun things.
    It is totally daunting and yet once you get it.. you kinda think.. hell, this is way easier than I thought.

  8. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  9. Sewing is a blast…I so need a new machine…Enjoy!

  10. My BFF has one and I can not believe the incredible things that can be made. Cant wait to see some of your creations.

  11. I bought one many moons ago and haven’t used it except for the few weeks after I bought it. I made a quilt for my mom. That’s all I’ve done with it so far. Sad times.

  12. Oh I cant wait to see what you make!! (and Rach too!)
    Hope you had a blast on your trip!!

  13. oh yeah..go check out my blog..theres a little something special for you!

  14. How do you like your machine? I keep looking around at things and thinking to myself, “I could sew that!” But I’m not sure it’s true. However, I still want to give it a try. So would you recommend this machine? What type is it exactly? Pros and Cons to it?
    wright –

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