Day 21

Day 21: A photo of something that makes you happy.

After almost 2 weeks, I finally had this little guy waiting for me on my doorstep last night when I got home. And I played with him all night long – just ask my sister or husband. I’m in love. My best friend and I got matching ones so we could FaceTime together – even down to the quote on the back. Perfection. Now I’m just waiting on his case to come in the mail – red leather naturally.
Coming Up on Day 22: A letter to someone who has hurt you recently.


  1. So sassy!

    Funny quote on the back, too.

    How did you wait for 2 weeks!

  2. yes – you are glued to it!!! But I had fun with Photo Booth!!!

    I still like the other quote better though…. maybe one day I can get one too…

  3. I will be waiting for next year’s bonus..ha ha. My kids need too much darn stuff..oh and I would rather travel right now.

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