A Day In My Life…

I am a single mom again this week, so that makes me responsible for getting the kids to school on time and changing my work hours to later hours (ie rush hour traffic).

The traffic is worse than I’ve ever seen it before on the later drive into work. I truly don’t get it because I never saw a wreck. So I’m almost an hour past my regular start time. Awesome.

Once parked in the garage at work, I get in the elevator to go up to the sky lobby. Only once there, the elevator motors shut down and the doors will not open. I’m trying not to panic as there is an older gentleman in there with me and I don’t want to be that crazy person. But I start to sweat and panic when I see him furiously pushing buttons to no avail. All of a sudden the motors come back on, the elevator goes down a level, opens it’s doors, then closes it’s doors, goes back up to where we’d wanted to go and doors open. I can tell you that you probably have never seen someone get out of an elevator as quickly as I did in that moment.

Later that morning, I can feel my foot falling asleep at my desk. Usually I immediately get up to walk on it so it’ll wake back up. But since I was in the middle of something, I didn’t. Not realizing my leg had gone numb, when I stood up to walk it off, I collapsed. In my office. On the floor. In my dress. Awesome huh?

I’m working late and about 10 minutes before I leave, my computer (see below post about all my IT issues) decides to stop working. I’m on the phone with IT support for 20-25 minutes. Only to hear that I cannot be fixed right then because they don’t know what is wrong with me. I give up.

After leaving work, I had to stop by CVS. As I’m walking to the door, my heel gets stuck in that rubbery glue between the concrete. After I get it out, I am flustered and not paying attention and look up just in time to see the brick column in front of me. That I ran into. Someone was in the car next to me watching the whole thing. Mortified.

That was all just yesterday. On a Monday. So surely I thought Tuesday would make for a better day.

Everything is going fine until I get to the preschool. It’s closed. There are about 20 people standing outside waiting on someone to unlock the doors. I stand there with my daughter for about 7 minutes in the brisk morning weather. Both of us in sleeveless dresses. Both of us cold and tired. Fantastic.

Hop back on the tollway and again am stopped in traffic for no apparent reason.

I am kind of scared for what else this week will hold…


  1. well your evening will be much better!! You are getting dinner cooked for you and I bet you will hear some funny stories tonight too :)

  2. Sounds like a day I would have! I hope your week gets better. 😉

  3. I hope your week gets better. The traffic was terrible Monday! It drives me crazy. What happened at the day care?

  4. This made me laugh, especially picturing you running into the column…sorry!

  5. Okay, I’m really not laughing at your numb leg, or the brick pole..promise.

    I sure hope the rest of the week went much better.

  6. LOL, so entertaining. I am glad it is finally someone else…and not me. Things will get better. I hope you have a great weekend.

  7. sounds like some of the days I have : )

  8. I feel for you. I’m usually a single mom too.. My husband is constantly out of town for work. The one benefit is I netflix/redbox all the movies he doesn’t want to see. :)

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