Technology: My Nemesis

In less than one week I have managed to crash virtually every program on my work computer, crash my work email (twice), talk to 5 different people in the IT department for help (some who finally had to give up), break the biggest printer in my department, spend 2 weeks trying to follow instructions to get set up to work from home only to finally have IT have to come to my house to do it because I can’t figure it out, not be able to connect my iPad to my work programs because I changed some setting on accident and have no idea how to fix it.

And this is just THIS week. This is not counting all the times I have knocked the computer tower down with my feet and shut my computer completely down, black out my computer screens, have my computer randomly shut down on me for no explainable reason, have the printers change randomly on me so I can’t find where I print stuff on the floor, etc. I hear “I don’t know how you do this” and “I don’t know what to tell you” more from IT than I should.

This is the THIRD new computer I have had in the past 10 months at work.

I absolutely repel technology.

I am IT’s worst nightmare.


  1. I don’t understand how you manage to do all of this either… no one else at work has the same issues… its def user error…

  2. Just be sure to keep your issues work related so our home network doesn’t start crashing!

  3. Ya and driving all the way out to setup your freaking iMac I had it done in five minutes, MY WAY!!! NO YOU HAD TO HAVE IT YOUR WAY WHICH TOOK 45 MINUTES!!!

  4. Wow! Not sure how one fabulous woman can manage to do all that! I get so frustrated with computers…just downloading pictures to the computer usually requires a stiff drink before I even power it up. Wait, maybe that’s why it’s such a struggle! Hopefully it’s all fixed! PS…thanks for sharing your iPad. I expressed I want one in the near future, and since my laptop is STILL being used at an Enterprise branch maybe they will buy me one :-)…or at least their cute employee ‘m engaged to should!

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