Blowing the Dust Off

Tap…tap… Hello?  Is this thing on?   
Well, it’s been a little while (or 1 1/2 years) since I’ve blogged.  The term “time fly’s” would be an understatement in this case I think.  Blogging, like many other things, is always on my mind and I even make notes to myself for things I intend to share and write about. 
Of course, it would help if I would be more specific when I write myself notes on these great ideas.  
 Now, I’m sure these would have been VERY inspiring stories.  I am actually quite curious myself to know what “dog paw/wine night” was all about, as I have no recollection as to the brilliance I was going to instill upon the general population with that one. 
Or what about the “GIS guy in the hallway”.  You may be wondering what GIS guy.  Yeah, me too.  But it sure does sound intriguing doesn’t it? 

And I’m certain that “wasp” and “hair color” also would have been fascinating reads to keep you on the edge of your seat.  Like all of you, I’m dying to know what these stories were.  

The point of the rambling is, I’m coming back.  Or at least I have every intent to come back.  Because I make myself laugh and I have a lot to say.  And I like to write.  And popular social media has a character limit and I like to talk more than that. 

Annnnnnd I quit my job (more on that later) so now I have more time on my hands to make longer notes to myself about all the amazing stories about wasps and hair color and…you get the picture.


  1. glad you’re back – lets see if you are here to stay!

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