Hello, my name is Stephanie and I’m a recovering Diet Coke addict.

Recently I decided to give up my deeply rooted Diet Coke habit and stop with soft drinks all together.  Most days this is not a problem and I’m only drinking water aside from my morning coffee.
It also helps that Tim and Karys are the soda police and get onto me if they see me drinking one, with Karys usually exclaiming “Mom! That’s not healthy!”  I’m actually very grateful for their support.  
But on the flip-side, this also makes those times when a carbonated drink is NEEDED or I may die very difficult.  
And that is when I resort to stealing one of Tim’s Dr. Pepper’s and drinking it in my closet throughout the morning.  
1) Don’t judge me – I’m trying!
2) Don’t judge what *appears* to be a mess – this is actually a very efficient way of organizing my necklaces. And rings. And earrings. And shoes. And perfume…. You get the picture.


  1. If you crave carbonation, but want something healthy; you should try Kevita. You can find it at Whole Foods and Sprouts. It’s a naturally carbonated probiotic drink. My favorite is the lemon ginger, especially if I’m feeling sick, but it has the most calories so I don’t get it often. Mango coconut or pomegranate coconut are next, and they have nominal calories. They also have a daily detox, but I haven’t tried it. http://kevita.com/

  2. Thanks Leilani! I’ll check it out for sure – it definitely is the carbonation I am craving :)

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