Hair Confession

I hate washing my hair.  Like I literally despise washing my hair.

In an effort to cut back on washing it, I tried cutting it off.  By cutting it off, I meant 7 inches off the length.  I thought maybe less hair would be less wash time.  Nope.

Then I tried the “No Poo” method.  That lasted about a week and my hair was so gross.  I failed horribly at it.  And ended up with strange scented oils, baking soda, vinegar and cocoa powder in my hair for a week – don’t ask.  Just look it up yourself.  While it works great for some, it turns out that I’m not that much of a minimalist.  Give me some shampoo!  When I finally did break down and use my glorious shampoo again, it was better than….chocolate?  And maybe a few other things women love…  Let’s just say I was very, very happy to be re-united with my shampoo.

When I started working part time, I quit washing my hair daily.  It wasn’t to try to train my hair not to be oily.  Straight up it’s because I’m lazy and could find way better things to do with my time.  Like laundry.  Or candy crush.  Or staring at the sky.  You get the point.

Being someone who takes very good care of themselves in a hygiene standard, I’m sure my husband was horrified in thinking that I was going to become someone who wore ratty clothes, had unwashed greasy hair, was an unshowered stinky mess, and makeup-less stay at home mom.  But let’s be honest, I’m way too vain for that.  For some reason tasks like showering, putting my makeup on and getting dressed, I don’t mind.  It’s the thought of washing my hair that I loathe.  I know that sounds crazy but I never said I wasn’t crazy.

So initially I told myself “I’ll wash my hair every other day”.  Yeah, that so didn’t happen.  That was way too often and too much work.  As I said, I’m a busy girl here.  So I just decided to wing it.  I’d see how long I could go without a wash before I grossed myself out.

As it is now, I only wash my hair 3 days a week: Mondays and Tuesdays (because those are the days I work) and either Friday or Saturday.  The rest of the days I use dry shampoo and it works FANTASTIC.  I will make a point to say that not all dry shampoos are created equal.  I went through a few brands before I found one that actually worked.  And I find it kind of funny when I spray it in that my hair turns “gray” from the powder.  I’m a child but it makes me giggle every time.  And hey, at least I know I’ll be pretty when I’m old and gray.

My husband will randomly tell me my hair looks nice and it turns out that it’s never on the day my hair was actually washed, it’s always on Day 2 or 3 without a wash.  And I agree, it always looks best the next day.

So that’s my confession.  I avoid washing my hair at all costs.

This picture is Day 3 after washing.  You’d never know if I hadn’t told you would you?

Hair Day 3


  1. Totally with you. In fact, when I’m pregnant, I can go almost a week. It’s a gradual process, but I promise it doesn’t look gross or smell gross. When I’m not pregnant, I can go like 4 days…and if I work out, I just rinse and do conditioner.

    It horrifies my mom and sister, but they never know how long it’s been, so I think I’m winning!

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