We Sort of Just Bought a House…WHAT?!

Most people plan their lives and goals and dreams. Most people plan to buy a home, have a baby, buy a new car, change jobs, go on vacation, etc.

Most people are not me and Tim.

Let’s recap to give you some idea of where we’re coming from:

  • Our first house we decided to buy after I walked through a model home in my mom’s neighborhood. No planning.
  • Our first baby we decided to have because one of my best friend’s had a little girl and I fell immediately in love with her and wanted my own.
  • And then there was that one time Tim quit his job without having another one lined up. That was fun.
  • Then there was that other time I quit my job without having another one lined up.

It may sound like we are impulsive and crazy and perhaps careless. But you know what? This is what works for us.

That home we bought on a whim? We lived there for nearly a decade and brought home two beautiful babies in it.  The little baby we decided to have with “no plan”? Our beautiful 8 year old daughter we adore more than life itself, along with her little brother.

So let’s roll back to about 6 months ago…. We had just finished putting new floors in our home and having our fireplace stoned and we were enjoying a nice summer vacation at the beach.

We saw a link on Facebook for a beautiful home posted by our realtor friend.  And within 48 hours we bought it.


We. Bought. A. House.

We were NOT planning to move.  We were NOT planning on selling our home. 


Through all the chaos and craziness those following months brought to our lives, we made it out on the other side and knew that this is exactly where we were supposed to be. 

It’s not that we are irresponsible. It’s that we know what we want and embrace the adventure as it presents itself to us.

So, are you impulsive or do you plan things out? I’d love to hear!

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