My Confessions

Thursday 13:Why Becky Bloomwood Is My Alter Ego 1. I am addicted to shopping2. I can justify any purchase 3. I cannot pass up a good deal4. An ideal date includes a *tiny* shopping spree5. My purchases have gotten me in debt in the past6. I am convinced everything will work out perfectly in the […]

I’m Dazzled

If such things were possible, I am more in love with Edward Cullen after this weekend than I was before. Or maybe that’s just Robert Pattinson….swoon!Honestly, the first time I saw the film I was not all that impressed. I thought the sound quality was horrible and was less than impressed with the special effects. […]

Meet Edward Cullen…

Allow me to introduce to you the person that has been stealing all my time away from my blog…. His name is Edward Cullen. He is from the Twilight Saga/Series written by Stephenie Meyer. He also sort of happens to be a vampire. And once you start him, you cannot stop him. Not that Tim […]

Cadbury Crack

Like Elmo is crack for kids, Cadbury Creme Eggs are crack for me. I have to have them. I can consume so many in one day it is not even amusing. Easter is the worst holiday for me as far as snacking goes because I buy these everywhere I go. And I justify it by […]