A Few Things…

I’ve been pretty busy lately so I thought I’d take a few minutes to update a few things: 1) The Bet ends in 2 weeks. I’m not doing as great as before because of Cadbury Crack. It also doesn’t help that my nutritionist is on bedrest. 2) I found a way to QUIT the bad […]

AeroGarden – Week 4

The AeroGarden is continuing to thrive. It has now been 4 weeks and you can see how much the seed pods have just flourished. The Italian Basil (back row, second from left) has really gotten some much larger leaves on it now. The Basil’s both still smell amazing too! The Parsley has been sprouting some […]

AeroGarden – Week 3

Our little herb garden continues to flourish as we head into Week 3. All of the pods have now sprouted, as Parsley decided to come out the other day. The Italian Basil seems to have gotten the biggest and grows the most as far as I can tell. The most exciting thing is that we […]

AeroGarden – Week 2

In just one week, the AeroGarden made so much progress! All the seeds have sprouted except for the Parsley (it takes the longest with 8-15 days) and so all but 1 of the biodomes have been removed. I took close up pictures to document each pod’s individual progress. I have not yet even had to […]

AeroGarden – Day 1

So my impatience took control again and after I got home last night and opened my precious AeroGarden, I just had to set it up. It was simple and easy and only took only minutes to do, which was great! Tim was also very excited (nature boy that he is) – this is right up […]

Growin’ Some Herbs!

I’m super excited at the moment because sitting on my doorstep is…..my new AEROGARDEN PRO 200! I have been waiting for this shipment for weeks (and we all know that I’m not a very patient person so it’s been very difficult). I can grow SO many things – from herbs to veggies to strawberries to […]