A Day In My Life…

I am a single mom again this week, so that makes me responsible for getting the kids to school on time and changing my work hours to later hours (ie rush hour traffic). The traffic is worse than I’ve ever seen it before on the later drive into work. I truly don’t get it because […]

Blogger Revoked

It’s finally happened. My company has done the unthinkable and blocked all access to the blogs from work. Unfortunately I rarely get online at home, so I’m not sure how often I’ll be able to update here anymore and it’s making me quite sad. Krystyn has given me a link/way to possibly get my comments […]

Eggs At 1:00AM

There are a few things in life that I must have in order to be a happy person. One of which that is very important to me is sleep. I covet it. Let me preface and say that we are very blessed to live in a pretty upscale neighborhood. There is not much crime other […]

Reason #2,135 – Revisited

Do you remember back in May when this happened with “Brenda” at work? If not, it’s really worth clicking here and reading the recap – it’s short. Done? Okay. Well friends, it gets worse. Yes, worse. Fast forward 3 months to just this morning. Same office. Same woman. Scene: In the office kitchen getting water. […]

It’s My Blog

And I can cry if I want to. A friend of mine asked a question on her blog today, “Did you ever get so pissed off that you can’t see straight…?” The answer to that question for me today? Yes. I don’t even have to type it all out, because she did it for me. […]


Typically I’m not one to ever say much about gas prices. There are several very good reasons for this:– I don’t pay attention to what things cost– I can’t change the prices and so why waste my time complaining about it– I “accidentally” always have my husband in the car when I realize I’m low […]

Reason #2,135

Why Some People Should Not Be Allowed To Speak Scene: At the office. Passing by a co-worker’s office, whom I will refer to as “Brenda”. ************************************************B: “Stephanie, would you mind coming in here?”Me: “Sure, what’s up?” (friendly person that I am and all)B: “Can I ask you a really personal question without you getting mad?”Me: […]

Portraits, Please!

**UPDATE**I have called and spoken directly with the District Manager, who I basically let have it (in the nicest way possible of course) about how unprofessional his studio was. He seemed genuinely concerned and apologized and asked lots of questions and took down all sorts of information. Basically they offered to redo the session: free […]

No! I’m Not!

No, I’m not pregnant! Nor (I hope) do I look pregnant. Nor do I feel pregnant. Nor do I want to be pregnant. Yesterday was an extremely frustrating day for me. Not only did a co-worker annoyingly ask me if I was pregnant, only for me to respond no, but she continuously asked me “are […]