A Day In My Life…

I am a single mom again this week, so that makes me responsible for getting the kids to school on time and changing my work hours to later hours (ie rush hour traffic). The traffic is worse than I’ve ever seen it before on the later drive into work. I truly don’t get it because […]

Where In The World?

Have I been? Well, I must say, I have been a bit lazy when it comes to writing posts lately. So I will take a note from Amanda and do a little randomness of what’s been going on… Friday afternoon I had happy hour with Danielle to celebrate her return to work around 2pm. Yes, […]

No! I’m Not!

No, I’m not pregnant! Nor (I hope) do I look pregnant. Nor do I feel pregnant. Nor do I want to be pregnant. Yesterday was an extremely frustrating day for me. Not only did a co-worker annoyingly ask me if I was pregnant, only for me to respond no, but she continuously asked me “are […]

Vomity Baby

Today was what one might call DISASTER! Karys and I were all set to go to my moms work, my work and Tim’s work. I had to pick up something at my office and my mom wanted us to stop by and see her at work and so did Tim. I had all of Karys’ […]

Crazy Dreams…

About six weeks or so ago I found out one of my friend’s is pregnant. And I’m super excited for her!! But ever since I found out, I keep having pregnant dreams myself!! I scared myself so bad the other day I actually took a test (no I’m not pregnant in case you were wondering). […]


I’m having one of those “why me?!” weekends. I feel like this will maybe be a funny story to tell down the road but that it’s certainly not that way right now. Tim left yesterday morning around 9am for Orlando until Tuesday night for work. I had woken up with a somewhat sore throat but […]

I Feel Naked…

WITHOUT MY MOBILE PHONE!! Tim has my mobile phone today because he “lost” his. And since he is driving around at lunch and running errands, etc, there’s a need for him to have it. Of course, on the way to work this morning, we realize that it’s just sitting in my car at the house […]


So this morning I had my annual flu shot and my arm is really, really sore right now. I just thought I’d take a minute to whine and post about it. I was the last in the family to get one – seeing as how Karys and Tim are already protected. But seriously – Ouuuch!!

I’m A Walking Germ

i hate being sick. now i realize that most people hate being sick but i think i’m a little more weird about it. i feel like a walking germ. no matter how much i scrub myself, i still feel like i can’t get all these germs off of me. especially yesterday when the doctor took […]