My Husband’s Future

…is a kitchen full of baked goods! See this beautiful guy? Oh how I wanted this little guy for Christmas. But at the lovely list price of $300, that was just not going to happen. Then, while walking through Bed, Bath & Beyond Saturday, Tim was grabbing a curtain rod for Karys’ new room when […]

The Perfect Husband

I knew when I started dating the boy that he was amazing. I knew when I married the man that he was incredible. What I didn’t know was that he could continue to outdo himself 10 years later! This weekend he outdid himself indeed. You will recall that we took a trip alone to San […]

The Smile Award

Upon returning from my girls weekend, I found that Krysyn at Really, Are You Serious presented me with this lovely award. Krystyn is a good personal friend of mine, as well as a blogging buddy (we date back to drill team members in high school people!). She has an adorable little girl and another little […]

My Own Column!

Yesterday I was presented with an opportunity. An opportunity to write a column for a local city website. My own column?! Me?! Just call me Carrie Bradshaw. Hey, a girl can dream, right? Well, of course you know I had to accept. Because apparently a husband, a daughter, a full time job, three blogs and […]

That Little Girl

That face just gets to me every single time.She’s got her Daddy wrapped around her finger and I’m not too far behind!This is going to be trouble down the road!

New & Improved Me

If you were to look at me 4 years ago in terms of domestic-ness, I was a walking disaster. The women in my family are all excellent cooks & domestic goddesses basically. I’m sure Tim was disappointed to realize that all those home cooked meals – yeah, they weren’t coming his way. I was the […]


ARE HEADED FOR THE SUPERBOWL!! Last night nearly killed me. I was crying, sweating and cursing (no worries – Karys was in bed) at the TV as I watched last night’s game against the Packers. Eli Manning and his team deserve this! And with all the smack people talked about him all year, with all […]

Bragging Rights…

Bragging Rights…