Spring Fever

The weather is getting warmer. We’ve had a few blooms on our flowers. I can feel Spring in the air. It’s almost pedicure season. My toes are just itching to come out and play. I’m convinced I need these to celebrate the coming of the season. They are bright. They are fun. They are sexy. […]

Following In Momma’s Footsteps

She may play video games with Daddy, but she has a shoe fetish and the start of a wonderful collection like her Momma!

Hubby Clothes Woes

I pride myself in knowing clothes. Knowing what looks good. Knowing what matches (seriously every single day that I dress my daughter, her bib must match her outfit and is to be completed with the matching socks and shoes as well). Knowing what colors go together is just second nature. So is, naturally, knowing what […]