That Time I Hit A Bus

Oh, right. That was TODAY! Yep, you read that right, I hit a Metro bus today. In my Brand. New. Car. In my defense, the buses in Downtown Houston are terrible drivers and will run you off the road. And also it was really foggy this morning, though that actually didn’t play into this incident […]

The Cheer Mom (aka THAT MOM)

If you are “that” cheer mom, you may not want to read any further….. Last chance, click away from this blog…. Okay, let’s get started. We’ve all read the stories over the years about the over zealous mother of a cheerleader and their competitions.  I can honestly say I wondered if these mothers really did […]

Passion, Pasta and Pistols

The succulent aroma of home-cooked pasta is drifting from New York City’s most popular Italian eatery, La Speranza, but something else is heating up in the kitchen . . . cold-blooded murder! Restaurant-owner Pepi Roni has been shot in the back with his own pistol. Tonight his family and friends will gather to pay their […]

Out Of Their Mouths

For those of you who aren’t aware, I collect quotes. Especially funny ones that my family and friends say. I always try to make sure to write them down. Since I have quite a few saved up, I figured this could be my Thursday Thirteen this week. Can’t you see why I just love my […]

Name Calling

With a name like Stephanie, I have had my fair share of nicknames in the past. From the obvious, “Steph” or “Stephy”, to the childish playground ones, “Step-On-Me”. I’ve always had sort of a strange view of nicknames. I’ve thought about this many times in the past and I always notice that the people who […]

Future Power Couple?

My friend Danielle and I took off work this past Friday and enjoyed some lunch, shopping and a playdate with the kiddos. We have high hopes for these two – I’m not sure if there could be a cuter couple! Karys Making Eyes at Baby Tyler She’s just a little bigger than him right now […]

A Few of My Favorite Things!

I recently participated in my first ever “Favorite Things Swap” hosted by the lovely Wendi at Because Wendi Said So. The idea is to send three of more of your favorite things to your swap partner. My swap partner turned out to be my good friend, Krystyn. Krystyn is a mom to darling Miss Isabelle […]

13 Crazy Things My Friends Have Said 1. She just needs to be locked away from society. 1-17-08 2. …that would be proving that I’m controlling. And I’m not. I just do everything better! Doesn’t everyone enjoy things done the right way? 11-15-07 3. It’s like you took all the genes with reason. 3-10-08 4. […]

Where In The World?

Have I been? Well, I must say, I have been a bit lazy when it comes to writing posts lately. So I will take a note from Amanda and do a little randomness of what’s been going on… Friday afternoon I had happy hour with Danielle to celebrate her return to work around 2pm. Yes, […]

When Bloggers Meet…

As promised, I will go into further detail about some of the events of my Memorial Day Madness weekend. First up, the meeting of the infamous AFF. To the blogger world, she is somewhat of a mini-celebrity in her own right. Her posts are classic and hilarious. They are the kind that you cannot help […]