Girl’s Weekend

I am back from Ohio. I am de-stressed. I am happy. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You gotta have…F-A-I-T-H!(I’m the “T”) “S-T-E-P-H”(Can you see it??) Cheers to Us!(Tracy, Julie, Me, Mandie, Faith & Pat) The GirlsSaw a girl who looked like she was from Pulp Fiction: Then there was this guy on the street. So Molly posed with him: […]

Mini Conversations

“You’re Beautiful. I Love You.” “Da Doo”(FYI – Da Doo is Thank You) Recently I was giving my daughter a bath and was talking to her. We were having one of our mostly one-way conversations. The kind where I talk and she plays with her bath toys. I said something else and then she looked […]

Such A Pretty Fat

Jen is back! And as always, she has me laughing out loud from the very first page. I’ve already read and posted about her other two books, Bitter Is The New Black and Bright Lights, Big Ass. This third book, Such A Pretty Fat, was just released last week. And without fail, I am hooked. […]

Center of Attention

When did this happen?! My beautiful baby girl is supposed to be at the age where she is shy and clings to her parents – so says every psychology & children’s manual. But instead, she has become a little performer – and will twirl around, shake her head and do funny things to make everyone […]

Specialize in Spelling?

Saturday morning Tim wanted to stop for breakfast at the local Jack-in-the-Box before heading to the museum. I was getting irritated with the car in front of us because they were literally taking forever to get their food. Then I noticed the sign on their van. Classic. If you go through the trouble of “specializing” […]

Ribbity Rabbit

Seeing as how my baby girl seems to be a sponge when it comes to learning and picking up new things, my husband and I have taken it upon ourselves to teach and show her anything we can think of in the hopes of expanding her knowledge. This includes colors and shapes to animals and […]

Bright Lights, Big Ass

After reading Jen Lancaster’s first novel, Bitter is the New Black, I took a break to re-read my beloved HP series. My mother-in-law just finished Jen’s second book, Bright Lights, Big Ass, and brought it over for me last night. I started it yesterday during lunch and while I am not yet very far, I […]

Bitter is Fabulous!

So I have to mention this book, Bitter is the New Black. After reading this blog, my mother-in-law tells me that my writing reminds her of Jen Lancaster. Ummm….who is Jen Lancaster? I’d never heard of her. So my MIL passes me on the info to Jen Lancaster’s Blog. Let me just say, this lady […]